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Video Review: Crysis 3 - Game-Smack Ireland

881d ago - Nothing suits supersoldiers better than a suit. Crytek’s beautiful sandbox shooter is back to dro... | PC

Gaming Excellence: Crysis Review

1324d ago - Gaming Excellence: What is that sound on the horizon? Is that the PC fanboys gnashing their teeth... | PC

Preview: 20XX: I Now Pronounce You Mega Man X and Roguelike

Now - 20XX makes no secret about its influence. Taking notes right out of the Mega Man X series, this side-scrolling 2D adventure also incorporates rogue... | Promoted post

CVG - Crysis Review

1352d ago - Just under four years after it debuted on PC, Crysis finally, unexpectedly sees the light on day... | Xbox 360

Review: Crysis (This Is My Joystick)

1355d ago - There are few games that can boast such incredible horse power that only a select few machines ca... | Xbox 360

TheParanoidGamer Review: Crysis

1362d ago - Daniel of TheParanoidGamer Writes: "When Crysis originally released it was all about the graphics... | Xbox 360

Gameolio Review: Crysis (Xbox 360)

1365d ago - Dan, from Gameolio, writes: "Earlier on in the year gamers had the chance to suit-up and whoop... | Xbox 360

Crysis Review (HookedGamers)

1367d ago - Kiran@HG writes: "I hated Crysis when it came out. I had a decade-old PC that would stutter while... | Xbox 360

Crysis Review - Gaming Nexus

1368d ago - From the Review: "Originally in November of 2007, Crytek’s Crysis was a beast of the highest orde... | Xbox 360

NGB: Crysis (Console) Review

1370d ago - Crysis ports across the console without many major technical hitches. The graphics don’t quite li... | Xbox 360

Review: Crysis Console - VGBlogger

1371d ago - VGBlogger writes: "Now, in 2011, four years after the original release, Crysis has been “remaster... | Xbox 360

Crysis review: Consolation prize [Video Game Hangover]

1372d ago - Video Game Hangover reviews the four-year-old PC powerhouse as it makes its way to consoles. | Xbox 360
90° Review: Crysis

1374d ago - Nanosuits, aliens, North Koreans... oh my! Crysis is a fun first-person shooter that offers some... | Xbox 360

PSNow! - Crysis Review

1375d ago - PSNow!:"Crysis has been late, but has come. In addition, he has not done as a simple port, but it... | Xbox 360

Velocity Gamer: Crysis Review

1378d ago - Can a port of a 2007 PC game stand up to the competition? | PS3

StickTwiddlers Review: Crysis On Console Is A Smooth Operation

1378d ago - If your gaming weapon of choice back in 2008 was a PC, there was one question which was consisten... | Xbox 360

Neocrisis: Crysis Review

1380d ago - Neocrisis: Launched back in 2007, Crysis was critically acclaimed for its' graphics. Four year la... | PC

D+PAD Magazine: Crysis - Review

1381d ago - D+PAD Magazine writes: It’s been a long time coming, but Crytek’s original PC-pushing behemoth... | Xbox 360

XBOX 360 Review: Crysis -

1381d ago - takes a look at the console-port of the original Crysis. | Xbox 360

PSNStores: Review: Crysis

1381d ago - Ben writes: "When the current generation of consoles came out, people always held up Crysis as th... | PS3

Crysis (Console) Review | The Controller Online

1384d ago - Pete at The Controller Online writes: "Back in 2007 when Crysis was originally released on PC, ma... | Xbox 360

Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post

[GAMINGtruth] Crysis Xbox 360 Review

1385d ago - Crysis is an awesome fast-paced shooter that blends science fiction with explosive FPS elements,... | Xbox 360

Crysis Review - PlayStation LifeStyle

1385d ago - In 2007, Crysis released for PC and became an instant legend for pushing the graphical bar so far... | Xbox 360

TheSixthAxis Review: Crysis (PS3/360)

1385d ago - TSA writes: "I feel that I am in quite a unique position when it comes to First Person Shooter, C... | Xbox 360

IGN: Crysis Review

1385d ago - The console version of Crysis doesn't look quite as good as its PC counterpart (and that's to be... | Xbox 360

GameTrailers: Crysis Video Review

1385d ago - A PC classic dons a brand new suit in a shiny new version on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Can a co... | Xbox 360
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