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Crysis Previews  

Crysis 3 Hands-on Preview | El33tonline

1327d ago - Lisa at El33tonline writes: "Just a few weeks ago we got the chance to see Crysis 3 in action... | PC

Preview: Crysis 3 (This Is My Joystick)

1369d ago - One of the video-game industry’s long running jokes involves the first Crysis. Many gamers found... | PC

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1UP: Preview: Original Crysis Plays Better On Consoles

1600d ago - 1UP: I loved Crysis on the PC, and I think I might actually like it more on the consoles. After p... | Xbox 360

Crysis preview: the console experience (GamesRadar)

1603d ago - Hollander Cooper writes:Crytek said that Crysis was too “advanced” to run on consoles when it cam... | Xbox 360

Checking out the original Crysis on the Xbox 360 (Destructoid)

1603d ago - Abel Girmay writes:Many gamers cry foul these days at the linearity found in modern game design.... | Xbox 360

GDC 09: In A Nut Shell

2511d ago - CGReviews writes: "I'm not like most game enthusiasts out there. When I attend a confer... | 32,1,2,11,12,13,14

This is gaming that punches you in the guts

2893d ago - GamesRadar previews a prototype of the TNGames 3rd Space FPS vest, a bit of PC plug-in technology... | 12

Crysis '1UP Preview'

3017d ago - Impressions of the gameplay, story & visuals. | 12

Six reasons why Crytek has delivered the best demo ever

3026d ago - Gamesradar has gone on and on (and on) about Crysis' PC-hurting hardware specs. They've played th... | 12

GamePro Preview: Crysis: More Single-Player Impressions

3028d ago - The Nanosuit is the gameplay center of Crysis. It has four abilities you can use on the fly: armo... | 12

Digital Battle: Crysis Demo Impressions

3029d ago - First of all unless gamers have a supercomputer at home, they are not going to be "blown awa... | 12

Crysis Single Player Demo Impressions

3030d ago - One of the writers from Aeropause recently downloaded and tried out the new single player demo fo... | 12

GameSpot: Crysis Updated Single-Player Hands-On - The First Three Levels

3030d ago - GameSpot had the opportunity to play the first three levels of Crysis. They describe their experi... | 12

Shacknews: Crysis Full Version Preview

3031d ago - Chris Remo of Shacknews gives his quick impressions after playing the first few hours of the high... | 12

IGN: Crysis final hands-on - One last look at paradise

3031d ago - When it comes to over-previewed games, Crysis is probably pretty high on the list. Even so, IGN w... | 12

Crysis Hands-On - TVG visit Crytek studios

3033d ago - TVG visit Crytek and bring you an in-depth hands-on preview for one of the year's biggest PC games. | 12

Crysis: One Final Slip Into The Nano Suit

3046d ago - It was impossible to get a grasp of the single-player campaign storyline by just jumping into a s... | 12

"Crysis Preview + Commentary from Designer Bernd Deimer"

3046d ago - Set on a tropical island in the Chinese Sea, Crysis puts players on a mission to find and recover... | 12

Gamespy: Crysis Preview

3048d ago - A couple of weeks ago, EA invited Gamespy to take a look at the multiplayer side of Crysis aboard... | 12

Joystiq hands-on: Crysis

3049d ago - Joystiq: The good looks of Crytek's long-awaited PC shooter have undoubtedly razzle dazzled the g... | 12

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Crysis Updated Hands-On - Assault and Power Struggle

3051d ago - With 2007 entering its final months, PC gamers are looking forward to one game in particular more... | 12

Crysis Multi-Player Impressions and Screens

3061d ago - Crytek's new approach to FPS multiplayer has been labeled by them as Power Struggle, a team based... | 12

Crysis CORE Level Impressions and Video

3064d ago - JCal of FiringSquad got his hands on another level for Crysis, the CORE level. Read the article f... | 12

FiringSquad: Crysis Ice-Level First Impression

3074d ago - When Firing Squad and other media folks have seen builds of the long awaited first person shooter... | 12

Gamespot: Crysis Updated Hands-on - The Ice Level

3074d ago - September 25 is a big day for shooter fans. Not only will Halo 3 finally arrive for the Xbox 360,... | 12
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