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User Review : Crysis 3

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Crysis 3, A Super Powered Soldier (Xbox 360 Review)

The time period is 2047, Prophet is on a mission to uncover the truth about Cell Corporation's motives for building the quarantined nanodomes. Everyone is a target in Prophet's quest for retribution.

This third instalment puts Phrophet against the combined forces of the Corporation called Cell and the invading Ceph aliens, but as you go along for this strong Sci Fi influence FPS you realize that his human form starts to diminish all due in part to his superpowered nanosuit. Journeying through New York provides some of Crysis's finest visuals yet, add the incredible combat and you have more than enough to please even if plot's becomes overwhelming along the way.

Many of the nanosuit abilities return, invisibility, super-strength, regenerative powers, plus an insane amount of weaponry. There is an impressive array of weapons, from the more common guns held by the CELL soldiers, to the crazy sci-fi offerings that the alien Ceph bring. Each weapon has numerous options that can allow you to customize for your preference of play. The most notable weapon of Crysis 3 is the bow that you acquire early on in the story. Powerful and effective all while allowing you to be in stealth mode much longer then with other weapons. One flaw that I did find came in the form of upgrading there wasn't much variety once you reach the four perks to complement your play style. For instance if you prefer the stealthy approach, deviating from the four available stealth upgrades doesn't make much sense.

Crysis 3 also succeeds as a shooter. Although for me stealth has always been my way to approach the campaign's through this game and the previous two(Don't get me wrong there are areas in the game that require a good old fashion shoot out). It's entirely possible to sneak through the game and minimize casualties, and doing so is challenging and incredibly rewarding. The same goes for players who prefer to quietly assassinate every enemy one-by-one. Crysis 3 also brings back vehicles, 3 quarters of the way through there is level that has Prophet racing to shut down anti-aircraft batteries, scrambling across a flooded and decimated New York City from behind the wheel of an armored dune buggy. Very cool, although, the driving could have been fine tuned a bit.

Overall Crysis 3 manages to be one of the best looking titles on the Xbox 360; each level is stunning, characters are believable, weapons come with a lot of fire power and the story (much more story driven campaign then the previous two installments) has a beautiful convoluted sci fi feeling. The graphics are top notch. Crytek has made another excellent game in my opinion.

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Heavenly King1852d ago

How does the graphics are? I ask this because in Crysis 2, the graphics for the console versions were very blurry.

merdoc1851d ago

Have you had a chance to compare this with the PC version if so what are your thoughts ?
I prefer PC controls for some FPS games but not others.