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User Review : Crysis 3

  • Excellent Graphics
  • Good Gameplay
  • Short Ending

Crysis 3: One Of The Best First-Person Shooter Games

It's a tense sequence in a great-looking first-person shooter. Crysis 2 left behind the original game's literal jungle for one of the urban type. Crysis 3 melds the two, returning you to a New York City where destruction and decay have been softened by overbearing greenery. The private military company known has CELL has erected a dome over the city, turning the crumbling metropolis into a gargantuan greenhouse in which trees take root in building foundations and rise through their stairwells towards the sky. Like its predecessors, this sequel aims for realism--or at least, as much realism as can be expected for a game featuring high-tech nanosuits and flame-spewing extraterrestrial walkers. This mix of nature and destruction makes Crysis 3 look striking; you couldn't accuse its makers of sacrificing artistic creativity in favor of technology.

The visuals may not sing as sweetly on the Xbox 360 as they do on the PC, but it looks marvelous, regardless. The attention to detail is laudable, even in the character models, which is just as well, considering how often you get up close and personal with your co-stars. Only in a few select cases does the camera pull back and let you see player-character Prophet from a third-person view. This means that you always see supporting characters express their anger, fear, and distrust from Prophet's perspective, which magnifies the tension of various personal exchanges.

Indeed, Crysis 3 tells a much more personal story than the previous games, focusing on three main characters: Prophet; former Raptor Team comrade Psycho; and Claire, Psycho's girlfriend and communications expert for a group of freedom fighters seeking to take down CELL once and for all. CELL has ripped Psycho's nanosuit from his body--a painful process that has only fueled his abhorrence of them, and leaves Prophet as the sole "post-human warrior" left to fight. Claire doesn't trust Prophet, who sees him more as hardware than human, and for good reason: his nanosuit makes him increasingly prone to visions apparently originating from the grandaddy of ceph aliens known as the Alpha Ceph.

Prophet's connection to this being fuels much of the story, as does Psycho's seething desire for revenge over those that forced him to be simply human. There are a number of touching moments that spawn from rising tensions--a newfound emotional heft that the series never before portrayed. The final level, unfortunately, is problematic, because it leaves behind the game's make-your-own-fun structure and requires only a little stick maneuvering and a button press. But you can at least come to Crysis 3 with the comfort of knowing that the game brings the series' continuing story to an apparent close.

Happily, several hours of entertaining action precede this moment, and it's the game's futuristic bow that sometimes drives that entertainment. With it, you zoom in, pull back, and unleash silent fury on the human or alien grunt of choice. Firing standard arrows has just the right feel: you sense the weight of the pull and release, and feel the impact when the arrow reaches its mark.

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UNGR1840d ago ShowReplies(2)
urwifeminder1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I just got it for 30 bux a little bit of drool came out playing it on ultra everything max I have never seen such in game beauty and so far it plays great I am happy, but I agree the multi is dead have not got into a game yet hopefully the new DLC will change that it looks more like crisis wars I agree with the review as a new player so far.

Aceman181839d ago

i respect your opinion, but after i played it i honestly couldnt give this game more than a 7.5 to me there's just no variety in this game.

maelstromb1837d ago

This game is not deserving of such a high merit. It does *some* things well, but not all. I've since gone back to do a 2nd play-through, and even as dazzled as I am with its graphical aesthetics, it has still failed to suck me in. Something is just...missing. That's all I can ever think of while I'm playing..

maelstromb1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I found Far Cry 3 to be a much more substantive experience through and through. It relied heavily on repetition, but the combat/exploration felt much more organic and satisfying when compared to C3.