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Breaking Down Xbox one (Part 3: Competition)

612d ago ... Competition The Wii U can’t compete with the Xbox One in any way as far as hardware goes. But the Wii U has one clear advantage and that’s price (library is always subjective). You can buy a Wii U for $299 and it comes with a game, that’s a $200 savings and price will be a common theme amongst the different comparisons. The PlayStation 4 is the Xbox One’s main competitor going into the...

Lol, I'm gonna get so much hate for this.

696d ago ... The biggest story recently is that M$ has 'upgraded' the Xbox One from 800MHz to 853. Good job MS. Pathetic boost to damage control. *Slowly claps*. Either way, the comment sections have been blazing. First off, if you think a 53MHz boost has any significant meaning, my PC which maxes out Crysis 3 laughs and I don't even use it that much. Secondly, am I the only one concerned as to how MS p...

My top 5 stupid lies about nintendo in the last days.

772d ago ... 5-"Frostbite 2 didn’t run well on the Wii U" Frostbite 2 supposedly didn’t run well on the Wii U… but Cry engine 3, which produced arguably the most graphically intensive experience to date for consoles with Crysis 3… was running on the Wii U… and running very well. But hey, that Frostbite 2… it can’t do it! The fact is that the console contains the necessary requirements to play B2 (B2 M...

Upcoming current generation games I am excited about

799d ago ... 2013 has provided some great gaming experiences. Games like Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, Gears of War, God of War, Bioschock and Crysis 3 showcase there is still a lot of life left with the current gen systems. This year is off to a great start and there has not been any shortage of good gaming experiences. As this year is already 4 months in and with next generation systems on the horizon....

Remove and sharpen you, Crytek, damn it!

1069d ago ... Like my last blog, this has also been translated from Norwegian to English with Google Translate. So sorry for any grammar fails, fixing it soon! In February, the sequel to Crysis 2, the third game in one of my favorite franchises. I just wish I could have pleased me more. So far what I've read, seen and heard about Crysis 3 were very disappointing. Crytek boss Cevat Yerli promises that C...
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