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Crysis 2 – Xbox 360 Review by Brash Games

1558d ago - Back in 2007 the original Crysis was a massive hit for the PC – for those that could run it. Crys... | Xbox 360

inFocus – Crysis 2 Review

1558d ago - Lens of Truth writes - "We’ve done almost every comparison possible with Crytek’s Crysis 2. For o... | Xbox 360

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the Works

Now - Tecmo has just announced that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is currently in development. Track its release at | Promoted post

Crysis 2 Review |

1558d ago - An article not about the PSN! This time round, TGR review Crysis 2 saying "Everything comes toget... | Xbox 360

Crysis 2 Review | Everyday Gamers

1561d ago - Great review of Crysis 2 on | PC

ACE: Crysis 2 Review

1564d ago - ACE: The original Crysis was released back in 2008 during my last year of University. Back then y... | PC

Review: Crysis 2 - Game-Smack Ireland

1564d ago - Crysis 2 has a lot of high expectations. The original Crysis was a visual masterpiece, sporting a... | PC

Crysis 2 - Review -

1564d ago - For expert field does not need that label does not specifically represent. Just briefly to say th... | PS3

Crysis 2 | Review (Xbox 360) | That Gamer Hub

1565d ago - "Crysis 2 has its spectacular moments and top-notch graphics, it’s just a shame it spoils the fun... | Xbox 360

PlayDevil: Crysis 2 Review

1565d ago - PlayDevil has posted a very in depth review of EA's latest futuristic shooter, "Crysis 2". A s... | Xbox 360
60° | Crysis 2 review

1565d ago - Lucidlan: Ah, finally the sequel to the game that makes you want to buy a new PC or just show off... | PC

Review Crysis 2 [Gaming Dead]

1565d ago - Kevin Roberson from Gaming Dead: "The developers of Crysis 2 have been talking a lot of talk lead... | PC

Gameolio: Crysis 2 Review (Xbox 360)

1566d ago - Dan, from Gameolio, writes: "The original Crysis was one of those special games. It had us pou... | Xbox 360

GamerXChange: Crysis 2 Campaign Review

1566d ago - GxC: "If Crysis 2 has some fatal flaw, I can’t find it..." With FPS' saturating the gaming market... | PC

Impulse Gamer - Crysis 2 Review

1566d ago - Impulse Gamer - New York City devastated by an Alien virus, the world, as we know it on the verge... | PC

Mana Pool - Crysis 2 Review

1566d ago - Mana Pool: Following the standard set by its predecessor, Crysis 2 re-establishes the graphical b... | PC

ButtonMasher - Crysis 2 Review

1567d ago - ButtonMasher - They say clothes maketh the man. In the case of Crysis 2 they maketh you an invis... | PC

Crysis 2 Review (Arcade Wednesday)

1567d ago - Arcade Wednesday writes "Crysis first made it's debut on the PC and is well known for it's high v... | PC

GameKiq - Review: Crysis 2

1567d ago - "Crysis 2 is a gorgeous, lengthy game that tries to go above and beyond in almost every category... | PC

TSG reviews- Crysis 2(Campaign)~ The Sony Geniuses

1567d ago - TSG say;"It is time for us to go through another game for you and review whether ot not it is wor... | PS3

blipreview: Crysis 2 (PS3)

1568d ago - Gamesblip writes: We’ve got good news and bad news. The good? Those Mayans were full of crap, the... | PC


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GameOver: Crysis 2 Review

1568d ago - GameOver: I’m just going to come right out and say it: I never played the original Crysis. I didn... | PC

SideQuesting Review: Crysis 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

1568d ago - - Crysis 2 grabbed our attention from beginning to end; it left its hooks in dee... | PC

M.A.P. - Crysis 2 Review

1568d ago - "There is one part in Crysis 2 that sums up my overall feeling for the game. In this sequence, yo... | PC

Crysis 2 Review - TheHDRoom

1568d ago - Crysis 2 delivers on consoles. It offers fresh concepts to the oversaturated shooter genre with i... | Xbox 360

Good Game: Crysis 2 review

1568d ago - New York has been invaded by aliens...AHHHH! You're just a marine caught up in the mess and ar... | PC

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