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Crysis 2 Map Niagara (WIP): Impressive Screenshots Show Photorealistic Waterfalls And Nature

1134d ago - Niagara is a map coming for Crysis 2. The CryEngine 3 mod is not finished yet, but the first fact... | PC

CryENGINE 3 outsells Unreal Development Kit at launch

1157d ago - Last week, on August 17th, Crytek released the SDK version of CryENGINE 3. Today, after just five... | PC

Undead Labs Class3 to use CryEngine 3

1160d ago - Undead Labs has been hard at work making the Xbox Live Arcade game that will precede their Zombie... | Xbox 360

CryEngine 3 SDK is now available for free

1163d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Remember when Cevat stated that CryEngine 3 SDK would be released in August? W... | PC

Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

“CryEngine is the best engine,” does what Unreal can’t – Crytek

1177d ago - You can’t make the same games with Unreal Engine that you can with CryEngine – but CryEngine coul... | PC

Mark Rein on Unreal Engine: "We're still the best"

1210d ago - Epic VP Mark Rein has “reminded” people that the Unreal Engine is “still the best” technology to... | PC

Crytek: DirectX 11 'A Graphical Game-Changer'

1212d ago - NowGamer: CryEngine's global business director Carl Jones thinks DirectX 11 is the key to a revol... | PC

Crysis 2 DirectX 11 The 'First Next-Gen Game' - Crytek

1217d ago - NowGamer: Crytek thinks the DirectX 11 features headed to Crysis 2 make it the first, true next-g... | PC

CryEngine 3 readying for Xbox 720 Kinect?

1225d ago - We've all heard about the CryEngine 3 rumor and Xbox 720, but Kinect may actually be the centerpi... | Xbox 360

Military Simulation based on CryEngine 3: Huge HD Screenshots and Video Emerged

1244d ago - PC Games released some huge hd screenshots and trailer from an upcoming military simulation, that... | PC

CryEngine 3 SDK arriving this summer for free

1280d ago - Crytek announces that the CryEngine 3 SDK will be released in August and it will be free of charge. | Dev

Tech Focus: Crysis 2 and the future of CryEngine 3

1281d ago - Darlings of the hardcore PC gaming enthusiast for many years thanks to standard-setting games suc... | PC

ArcheAge Wears Cry Engine 3

1308d ago - XLgames’ is now changing its core engine to Cry Engine 3 from Cry Engine 2. It was actually i... | PC

10 Reasons PC Crysis 2 will kick consoles' Asses!

1350d ago - Crytek didn't show PC footage of Crysis 2 yet. Noone knows why, but rumours say it could rock. We... | PC

Atlantis Rise of the Ancients: Crysis mod with potential presented in videos and pictures

1355d ago - Atlantis: Rise of the Ancients will feature several levels, ranging from lush jungle environments... | PC

This Is What Graphics Should Be Like! Cry Engine 3 Tech Demo Kicks Ass!

1357d ago - Enodo is licencee of Cry Engine 3. The french dudes have made a virtual model of a french cathedr... | PC

Chaos at Crytek – Community Not Happy

1371d ago - Botchweed: "Today, an undercurrent of displeasure has manifested itself over at Crymod, Crytek’s... | PC

CryEngine 3: More moving pictures to the impressive military simulation

1376d ago - RealTime Immersive released more stunning footage and screenshots of its military simulation that... | PC

Crysis 2 game engine wins award for “most innovative technology”

1448d ago - The CryEngine 3 which is currently being used to develop the 2011 shooter – Crysis 2, has been ho... | Tech

Complete Whiteout

1449d ago - Exclusive interview with Joel Fagerlund, co-founder of Whiteout and former producer at GRIN, a Sw... | Industry

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

City Interactive pen CryENGINE 3 deal to "develop two new unannounced FPS games"

1456d ago - City Interactive today announced that it has licensed the state-of-the-art CryENGINE 3 from Cryte... | Dev

CryEngine 3 - The Urban Life System

1473d ago - Thanks to Crytek Cryengine 3, Enodo is a compañny that uses gaming technology to create interacti... | PC

A Look At The Next Generation Of Mods From 2 Player Games

1504d ago - Meodia writes, "Recently, I've had the fine pleasure of sitting down with Clyde from 2 Player Gam... | PC

Crytek Adds Stereoscopic 3D Support And Tools To CryENGINE 3

1513d ago - Crytek has today announced the arrival of Stereoscopic 3D Support to its new CryENGINE 3 update.... | Tech

Crysis 2 Editor Video (Cryengine 3 Sandbox)

1524d ago - Crytek shows its CryEngine 3 to the public and a video explains how the editor works. Check the l... | PC

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