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Crimson Shroud Reviews  

Crimson Shroud Review | ENE3

1070d ago - ENE3: "It's a bit difficult to describe Crimson Shroud in less than 3-5 words: the game looks lik... | 3DS

PixlBit's Crimson Shroud Review

1086d ago - PixlBit | "You must roll an 18 or higher to enjoy this game. Roll 1 D20. Add an additional D10 if... | 3DS

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Mobile Monday – Tokyo Crash Mobs, Shards of Time, Pixel People, Crimson Shroud

1098d ago - GodisaGeek: "This week we’re taking a look at Tokyo Crash Mobs from Mitchell Corporation, Shards... | iPhone

Crimson Shroud Review | DarkStation

1099d ago - DarkStation: "Crimson Shroud is a very good RPG on the go. It’s not the longest game, but it tell... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review - Gaming Nexus

1099d ago - From the review: "Crimson Shroud is a short but sweet burst of JRPG that the 3DS is surprisingly... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review – Stripping Down To The Bare RPG Essentials | GameInformer

1110d ago - GameInformer: "Crimson Shroud takes the RPG formula and boils it down to its essence. This is oft... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review | Negative World

1115d ago - Negative World writes: "Back in May of 2012, Japan received a compilation game called Guild01, pu... | 3DS

Warp Zoned: Crimson Shroud Review: A Different Take on the RPG

1118d ago - Warp Zoned writes: Crimson Shroud is a downloadable RPG from the 3DS eShop that was created by... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud review: Rough around the hand-painted edges

1118d ago - Steven Strom writes: "The idea of a short, inexpensive micro-RPG that focuses on replayability... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review | GameDynamo

1118d ago - GameDynamo - "Crimson Shroud is a game that explicitly pays back its non-digital role-playing for... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud review [Nintendo Insider]

1120d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: We’ve already been treated to Nintendo eShop releases of Aero Porter... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review | GameCritics

1120d ago - GameCritics write: "Crimson Shroud is a new download-only turn-based RPG created by famed deve... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review | Game Podunk

1123d ago - GP: "It isn’t long or without frustration, but Crimson Shroud’s unique approach is worth checking... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review: This eShop RPG’s a dicey proposition | ShackBarGames

1123d ago - SnackBarGames: "Crimson Shroud is not a long game. Even with an artificial inflation of a particu... | 3DS

REVIEW: Crimson Shroud | Oprainfall

1124d ago - Oprainfall writes: "Crimson Shroud, the last of the three localized Guild01 games from Level-5... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud (3DS) Review | gamrReview

1124d ago - gamrReview: "This isn't the type of game that will appeal to a wide audience. Even seasoned RPG v... | 3DS

Pocket Gamer: Crimson Shroud Review

1124d ago - Pocket Gamer: Crimson Shroud has so much love, care, and attention injected into it that it actua... | 3DS

Gametrailers-Crimson Shroud Review

1125d ago - GT:With its dice rolling and figurines, has master RPG maker Yasumi Matsuno bottled the essence o... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review | GamingTrend

1125d ago - GamingTrend writes: "Crimson Shroud represents a very promising sign for the future of the Nin... | 3DS

DualShockers Review: Crimson Shroud

1132d ago - DualShockers Writes:"Crimson Shroud from developer Level-5 is an example of a little game that pa... | Culture

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Crimson Shroud Review [Capsule Computers]

1132d ago - Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "During the past year, the eShop for the 3DS has be... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review | RPGamer

1132d ago - RPGamer writes: "Crimson Shroud offers the opportunity to see what Yasumi Matsuno would be lik... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review |

1134d ago - GAMINGtruth's own Cliff Bakehorn III delivers the verdict on Level-5's newly released J-RPG on Ni... | 3DS

GotGame: Review | Crimson Shroud

1134d ago - GotGame: If you yearn for the days of Dungeon Masters and maps, or maybe if you just want deep, s... | 3DS

Crimson Shroud Review | Cubed3

1136d ago - Cubed3: "Crimson Shroud is one of the most original RPG experiences in recent memory, managing to... | 3DS
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Crimson Shroud

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