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The cloud, it's all up in the air.

389d ago ... Phil Spencer recently announced that the cloud demonstration demo was in fact a demo of how the cloud will be used in crackdown 3. This is amazing and could very well herald in the future of gaming and the death of the need for hardware upgrades as time goes on if microsoft are able to get this tech...

Three things Microsoft can do for their Next-Gen Xbox

824d ago ... Amidst all the rumors and speculation regarding Microsoft's next generation gaming console, their success with the Xbox 360 is nothing short of a milestone achievement for the Redmond company, especially when compared to their initial entrance into the console gaming market with the original Xbox. Being the first console to launch the seventh generation back in 2005, Microsoft were primed an...

Have you forgotten the core, Microsoft?

1115d ago ... First of all, sorry for any grammar failes in this blog. I just used Google translate to translate it from Norwegian to English. I've been a PlayStation guy in my entire life. I have a PlayStation 2 that I got for Christmas a few years ago, I have two PSPer, a PS Vita and PlayStation 3 I've always liked Sony for their focus on the game and especially the core players. For about 3 years ag...


1676d ago ... -THIS POST WILL SHORTLY CONTAIN A LOT OF SPOILERS IN EXPERIENCING THE FIRST GAME- As most people know, I really enjoyed Prototype when it came out, I will be no part in the pointless Prototype VS Infamous war. But both games had their merits and in the meantime, thanks to the let down that was Crackdown 2, Prototype is the superpower sandbox game franchise I'm looking forward to entertain me...

So Kinect is the Next 32x huh? Not so much. Who's having humble pie?

1678d ago ... Well now 25 day's into the life cycle of the Microsoft Kinect. The fancy, much talked about and apparently much loved add on for the XBox 360. I must admit I decided I wanted one during E3. While the kid's were squabbling here about "Who won E3" I secretly knew the answer, because you can only win something by making money off it. Hand's down Microsoft is making money off everything they sh...

Halo Reach and Gears 3: Proof that the 360 Still Has Some Fight Left in it

1800d ago ... In 2007, the Xbox 360 was an unstoppable force. Fresh off the heels of the release of the now famous Gears of War (arguably the true beginning of the next gen of gaming as we know it *on consoles anyway*) Microsofts not-so-little (and quite noisy) box enjoyed exclusive blockbuster release after blockbuster release. Just a few notable hits included sci-fi epic Mass Effect, the gigaton release of...

Points about Infamous and Prototype: One year later

1808d ago ... Last year, about the same time, two games came out with a similar concept. One of these was a PS3 exclusive named Infamous and the other game was a multiplatform game named Prototype, the games were developed by Sucker Punch and Radical respectively. For some completely odd reason people could not accept the similarity between both the games, at a distance without footage and information, both...

Crackdown 2: Is it as bad as the critics might think?

1820d ago ... I recieved Crackdown 2 on friday the release date in the UK and as much as i had been anticipating Crackdown 2 from its announcement up until recieving it, the reviews started coming through the floodgates and my excitement dropped a little, but i held out hope because i thought, 4 player co-op and multiplayer would be great to play with my friends. However, when me and my friend started to...

A Look Ahead...July 2010

1833d ago ... If you take a look at my preview for Ruffian Games' sequel to the 2007 hit Crackdown, you'll no doubt probably guess I'm somewhat excited about the 9th July release date of Crackdown 2 for the Xbox 360 which will expand on the original in a number of ways, not least the fact it hosts many more superpowers, additional weapons and plenty of vehicles. You can also choose to team up with three othe...

Has next generation gaming truly begun?

2859d ago ... After playing many games this generation, i have been left feeling disappointed. Gears of War(360), Resistance: Fall of Man(ps3), Zelda(Wii), Ninja Gaiden Sigma(ps3), Lost Planet(360), Dead Rising(360), Rainbow 6 Vegas(ps3, 360), GRAW2(ps3, 360), Crackdown(360), Bioshock(360) and Oblivion(360, ps3) have all been great games, but have left me feeling unimpressed.
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