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8 Games That Need A Sequel

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Franchises Microsoft Should Consider Bringing Back For Their Next Xbox System

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Why Did Conker Fail?

751d ago - GXC: "Conker has been one of those series that people always speak about so very fondly. I’ve hea... | Xbox

Exclusive interview with Chris Seavor

833d ago - I had the chance to interview Christopher Seavor, designer of Conker's Bad Fur Day, and here's th... | Industry

Looking for a Loan with Low Interest?

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FTG's Top 10 Anthropomorphic Video Game Animals

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Top 10 Cult Video Games - Part 1 []

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Ten Games we would like to be announced at E3 2010

1693d ago - OXCGN: "There are strong arguments for wanting more original games (new IPs), but when you’ve... | Xbox 360

Conker Commands and Conquers

2291d ago - MundoRare asked Rare's Chris Seavor what ever happened with Conker's Other Bad Day and why the he... | 2,8,13,15
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