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10 WTF Moments in Gaming

600d ago - CheatCC: While gaming, we sometimes come upon stuff so unexpectedly bizarre, so inexplicably lef... | PS2

11 Forgotten Games And Series That Need A Return In 2013

638d ago - Leviathyn | In the past few years there have been a lot of revival attempts for old games. Yet, t... | PC

Why Did Conker Fail?

657d ago - GXC: "Conker has been one of those series that people always speak about so very fondly. I’ve hea... | Xbox

Top 9 Series That Need a Wii U Revival

677d ago - Smart When Shouting counts down the top game series that are prime candidates for revival on Nint... | Wii U

Access to the Best Geek Dating experience!

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10 Coolest Bad Guys In Video Game History

684d ago - Spike writes: With Wreck-It Ralph hitting theatres this weekend and the film featuring cameos... | PC

Conker’s Bad Fur Day From the Viewpoint of a Seven-Year-Old

711d ago - Conker’s Bad Fur Day was one of the most over the top games on the market at the point of its rel... | Retro

The Weirdest Video Games You’ve Ever Played (and Loved)

718d ago - Joe Jasko from Rant Gaming takes a look at some of the weirdest video games he's ever played, and... | Culture

Twelve Tales Conker 64 Gameplay Surfaces

733d ago - In the late 90s, Rare began work on Twelve Tales Conker 64, a sequel to Conker's Pocket Tales for... | Wii

5 Games That Were Genuinely Funny (And Need Sequels!)

736d ago - This is the sequel to the Alien Lion's '10 Forgotten Games That Should Have Been Franchises' list... | PS2

Exclusive interview with Chris Seavor

738d ago - I had the chance to interview Christopher Seavor, designer of Conker's Bad Fur Day, and here's th... | Industry

Top 10 Funniest Songs From Video Games

776d ago - Take a look at 10 instances of humor done right in video games by utilizing music as a medium to... | PS2

Top 10 Anti-Heroes

780d ago - "Video games usually have a nice one-on-one relationship. You are the character, so the characte... | PC

Top 10 “Game Overs”

818d ago - BT writes: It’s merely a fact of video games: you are not always going to win. No matter how well... | PC

Top 8 Funniest Video Games

845d ago - From Conker's Bad Fur Day and Grand Theft Auto to Earthworm Jim and more, 411's David McGregor co... | PC

Top 10 Necessary Video Game Sequels

856d ago - In an industry that puts out sequels like they ain't got no other business, it's genuinely surpri... | PC

Top 8 Nintendo 64 Games

902d ago - 411media writes: This week we will be looking at the Top 8 Nintendo 64 Games. I have to admit thi... | Wii U

Breaking The Fourth Wall

908d ago - Laura of - "In gaming, the art of breaking the fourth wall is that of the game com... | PSP

Getting Drunk With Video Games

918d ago - Player Affinity writes: "In honor of St Patrick’s Day, we pay tribute to the role booze has playe... | Culture

Top 10 Boss Battles Of All Time

970d ago - Jon and Jacques recount their favorite boss battles of all time...but they wish they could have a... | PC

Top 5 Gaming Intros - BnBGaming

976d ago - It's all tutorial levels and pre-game cutscenes in this edition of our Top 5. | Culture

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post

Nintendo's Most Humorous Games Of All Time

1042d ago - One thing I really appreciate Nintendo for is providing me with light-hearted whimsical games. Th... | GameCube

Top 10 Video Game Mashups That Need To Happen

1092d ago - Steve and Larson merge to become AND LARVE HERE! to countdown their top ten video game mashups th... | Nintendo DS

Top 10 Nintendo Overworlds

1141d ago - JonTron details his Top 10 Favorite Nintendo Overworlds. | GameCube

FTG's Top 10 Anthropomorphic Video Game Animals

1146d ago - "Inspired partially from my last top ten and a conversation from one of the few podcasts I listen... | PC

Vivid Gamer Staff Pick: Games In Need Of Sequels

1220d ago - James Damian of Vivid Gamer writes, "Each year we see many games come and go without giving them... | Nintendo DS

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