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Relic Entertainment to announce exciting new content for Company of Heroes 2 at EGX Rezzed

689d ago - Gamer Network is pleased to announce that Relic Entertainment will release the first details of t... | PC

Better Connection in the New Company of Heroes 2 Servers

719d ago - Yesterday was launched a new improved server system build to offer a higher quality experience on... | PC

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Company of Heroes 2 gets free DLC and New Aftermath Update

719d ago - LGN "Relic Entertainment has released two new pieces of free DLCs for its strategy RTS, Company o... | PC

Total War: Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2 in battle for free DLC

724d ago - Players of Total War: Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2 will go head to head in a all out war to win... | PC

Company of Heroes 2 Digital Collectors Edition Available For $13.59 On Amazon

750d ago - The Company of Heroes 2 Digital Collectors Edition is now available on Amazon for a really intere... | PC

Today on Steam: Final Rush, Divinity Original Sin, Company of Heroes and Saints Row IV

751d ago - SteamFirst: Back at you friends with more greatness coming straight from Steam. If your eyes aren... | PC

Saints Row IV and Company of Heroes 2 Is Free On Steam - Say Goodbye To Your Weekend

753d ago - GG3 gets the latest news from Steam. the digital platform has not listed one, but two blockbuster... | PC

Russia in Videogames - Who's the Real Enemy?

767d ago - From "PC gamers are no strangers to the idea of war-based entertainment. An... | PC

SEGA releases new DLC and updates for Company of Heroes franchise

791d ago - SEGA has released the next big update for Company of Heroes, which will see a number of key featu... | PC

Australian Classification Board Put 12 Published Video Games For Review

824d ago - The South Australian Attorney General Requested Australian Classification Review Board to review... | Culture

Free Content Update for Company of Heroes 2 Launching Next Week

826d ago - Company of Heroes 2 will see a free update called ‘Turning Point,’ on November 12, 2013. This upd... | PC

Company Of Heroes 2 Will Get New Update Next Week, Will Introduce A Map Editor & Two New Maps

827d ago - SEGA announced today that Company of Heroes 2 will undergo a free update called ‘Turning Point,’... | PC

Company of Heroes 2: Theater of War DLC Now Available on Steam

867d ago - The Case Blue mini-pack is based on an actual German campaign of the same name which occurred on... | PC

Company of Heroes 2 Receives Free DLC

868d ago - Relic Entertainment is bolstering the multiplayer offering for Company of Heroes 2 with the addit... | PC

Company of Heroes 2 - Rostov Trailer

869d ago - The Rostov Trailer of Company of Heroes 2. | PC

'Metro: Last Light', 'Company of Heroes 2' added to Amazon digital deals

872d ago - XMNR: Amazon updated its weekly digital download deals Thursday with discounted offerings for a p... | PC

Company of Heroes 2 Available for 33% Off

872d ago - Gamers who haven’t already picked up a copy of Relic’s World War II RTS title, Company of Heroes™... | PC

Dear 50% of the Company of Heroes 2 Community: Shut up

872d ago - In a scathing letter to the COH 2 community, Joe tells them why they have it plenty good where th... | PC

Gamers Against Games: How It Happens in Russia

879d ago - Putting blame on games is quite a common rhetorical device for populist politicians and other tie... | Culture

Company of Heroes 2 - PC Reviews - The Armchair Empire

881d ago - "Relic Entertainment cleared the hurdle the original game set as far as I'm concerned. Tweaking,... | PC

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Company of Heroes 2 Remodels Iconic Semois Multiplayer Map For Free

895d ago - GG3 gets news from Sega about one of their prime war games. Company of Heroes 2 will offer some f... | PC

Company of Heroes 2 Review | Awesome Games

904d ago - Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes was a breath of fresh a... | PC

Company of Heroes 2 review | Expert Reviews

904d ago - More of the same intense RTS action, even if the Eastern Front isn't quite as engaging as the ori... | PC

Pluggedin - Company of Heroes 2 Review

908d ago - Pluggedin - War, with all its death, destruction, perils and atrocities, is a difficult thing to... | PC

Relic or Russia: Who’s Rewriting History in Company of Heroes 2?

914d ago - Game Front: "As the PR teams at SEGA and Relic circle the wagons, it’s worth considering: should... | PC

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