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Code of Princess Reviews  

Review: Code of Princess | Stevivor

891d ago - Stevivor's Dave Haldane writes, "Code of Princess is a 2D rail fighter blending versus fighter co... | 3DS

Code of Princess Review | GamEvo

910d ago - GamEvo: "To those who don't enjoy senseless violence and are appealing to the RPG side of the tit... | 3DS

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Code of Princess Review | ComboCaster

949d ago - Code of Princess is a game of Agatsuma Entertainment that both could be described as RPG or as be... | 3DS

Review: Code of Princess | Digitally Downloaded

1008d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "Half-baked voice acting aside (and in fairness the small download g... | 3DS

Code of Princess review [Nintendo Insider]

1009d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: One day I hope the genre can return with new ideas to reclaim gamer’s... | 3DS

Code Of Princess Review [Game Rumble]

1025d ago - Game Rumble: Code of Princess is a spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes, a game which was relea... | 3DS

Review: Code of Princess -

1027d ago - Code of Princess is a game designed by an expert team of famous developers with the goal to bring... | 3DS

Pocket Gamer: Code of Princess Review

1030d ago - Pocket Gamer: It's always a shame to see style weigh heavily over substance, to the extent that y... | 3DS

Eurogamer - Code of Princess Review

1030d ago - EG:With its bright, idiosyncratic characters, scattershot humour, reeling combo counters and punc... | 3DS

Code of Princess (3DS review) | pressplay

1036d ago - Almost every title from developer Treasure seems to become a legendary cult release. So when a ga... | 3DS

Review Code of Princess |

1042d ago - written: A very special princess! Tested version Nintendo 3DS. The arrival of Cod... | 3DS

PixlBit's Code of Princess Review

1130d ago - PixlBit | "From the moment Code of Princess was announced, comparisons between it and Guardian He... | 3DS

Code Of Princess Review – Guardian Villains | Metro

1146d ago - Metro: "As a spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes this somehow manages to copy all of the flaws... | 3DS

Code of Princess Review: Holding Down the Laughter | Polygon

1148d ago - Polygon: "Code of Princess is a bad role-playing game masquerading as parody. It's a platter of h... | 3DS

GamerTell Review: Code of Princess

1148d ago - From the review, "Even though my thumbs will never be the same from all the button mashing, I gen... | 3DS

Pixelitis Review: Code of Princess

1170d ago - "Chaining combos together in a beautiful masterpiece of death and blood sounds like something str... | 3DS

Code of Princess Review | Worth Playing

1171d ago - Worth Playing: "Code of Princess is quite good if you're a fan of brawlers. The RPG style gives i... | 3DS

Code of Princess Review - GamerCheese

1174d ago - Code of Princess might borrow from Guardian Heroes, but there's plenty more to this 3DS title. Re... | 3DS

StructureGaming: Code Of Princess Review

1188d ago - StructureGaming: After five months of playing the waiting game, Atlus finally brings Code of Prin... | 3DS

Code of Princess | CGR Review

1192d ago - Atlus should be commended for giving this one a chance (Guardian Heroes wasn’t a chart topper eve... | 3DS

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Code of Princess: Like A JRPG On Fast-Forward | Siliconera Review

1192d ago - Siliconera writes: Code of Princess feels like a niche Sega Saturn or N64 game that was accide... | 3DS

Code of Princess | Heritage Review

1193d ago - Code of Princess may not be the mirror image of Guardian Heroes, but it's still worth a try if y... | 3DS

Code of Princess Review | The Pocket Players

1193d ago - Unless you’re really starved for more skin in your brawlers, keep this Princess far away from you... | 3DS

Code of Princess | NSider2 Review

1193d ago - Despite its short story mode Code of Princess manages to offer decent replay incentives, making t... | 3DS

Code of Princess Review | Nintendojo

1193d ago - Find out if Atlus’ latest beat-em-up RPG beats up the competition. | 3DS
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Code of Princess

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