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Civilization V: Brave New World: Review | Lead Example

258d ago - Brave New World is the newest expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Civilization V by strat... | PC

Civilization V: The Brave New World Review | ENE3

609d ago - ENE3: "It's been three years since the original release of Civilization 5 and now we have another... | PC

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KaboomShark Review: Civilization V - Brave New World

611d ago - While last year’s expansion, Gods and Kings, brought Civilization V out of a stale rut, it is Bra... | PC

Civilization V: Gods and Kings DLC Review. FruityGamers.

955d ago - A review of Civilization V: Gods and Kings DLC Review. A little on the late side but better late... | PC

Civilization V Gods and Kings: Review | Hard Reset

972d ago - Expansion packs are curious things. The early years of the new millennium saw the XPac reigning k... | PC

Review: Civilization V: Gods & Kings Bundle (

987d ago - The most addictive game around just got even more addictive with the Gods & Kings expansion, all... | PC

FTG Review: Civilization V: Gods and Kings (PC)

988d ago - I’ve always been candid in my experience with the Civilization series. I’ve known them in passing... | PC

Review: Civilization V Gods & Kings Is A Worthy Addition To The Franchise (GamerLive.TV)

1009d ago - It’s been two years since Firaxis Games released the fifth installment into the legendary Sid Mei... | PC

8bitfix Review - Civilization V

1028d ago - In Firaxis’ latest entry in the critically acclaimed “Civilization” series, players must control... | PC

GGTL DLC Review: Viking Civilization and Scenario Pack for Civilization V

1419d ago - Gamer's Guide to, 7th May 2011: GGTL's Greg Mengel reviews the latest DLC offering from... | PC

GGTL DLC Review: Polynesia Civilization and Scenario Pack for Civilization V

1444d ago - GGTL: "Ancient Hawaii may have been paradise. Bananas, pork, coconuts, sweet potatoes, white beac... | PC

Destructoid: Civilization V Spain/Incas DLC Review

1557d ago - The lure of this new pack is having yet another way to indulge in wicked revisionist history. Let... | PC

Review: Civilization 5 (

1560d ago - Ben Maddox of writes: "‘Streamlined’ has many different meanings depending on c... | PC

Loot Ninja Review: Civilization V

1563d ago - Loot Ninja : "Two new Civs, Spain and Inca will be added to Sid Meier’s Civilization this Thursda... | PC

Digital Battle: Civilization V Review

1592d ago - Digital Battle: "Over the past decades, one strategy games has survived endless assaults on its f... | PC

Civilization V - PC Review by Brash Games

1599d ago - I played Civilization IV once. I thought I'd give it a bash to see what all the fuss was about. I... | PC

The Reticule - Civilization V Review

1607d ago - In this review of Civilization V, Michael Johnson puts the game through its paces as Ghandi and g... | PC

Sid Meier’s Civilization V Review (

1610d ago - "The fundamental gameplay mechanics of Sid Meier’s consistently brilliant Civilization... | PC

VGC: Sid Meier's Civilization V Review

1610d ago - VGC: "Perched on my throne, I take a moment to absorb the wonders of my empire. Notre Dame, Statu... | PC

SquareGo: Civilisation V Review "Pinnacle of turn based strategy"

1611d ago - SquareGo writes: "Civilisation has always been at the very pinnacle of turn based strategy, of... | PC

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CPUGamer: Civilization V Review

1614d ago - CPUGamer writes: "When it comes to computer games, calling a game a sequel usually means somethin... | PC

InsightBits: Civilization 5 Review

1614d ago - IB writes, "Strategy fanatics have the date marked on their calendar for many years. The day Fira... | PC

Mana Pool: Civilization 5 Review

1615d ago - Civilization 5 is in some ways a simpler version of the previous games, but there are enough new... | PC

Game Judgment - Civilization V Review

1615d ago - "There’s not enough of a reason to play it except for just wanting to play Civ and if you feel th... | PC

ComputerGames: Civilization V Review

1621d ago - ComputerGames writes: "This game got in my lap because I played all the Civ games along the years... | PC
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Civilization V

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Release Dates
PC Release Dates
US 21 September 2010
EU 24 September 2010