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5 games that will keep you busy ( happy ) for a year

1653d ago ... Since most of us are hardcore gamers and keep track of the latest video games, get hyped up about new titles and buy them ``normally`` @ day 1, it is interesting to think about this situation which may never occur but a discussion material nonetheless: If, by any reason, you would be stuck to 5 games a year, which of those 5 games will satisfy you all year and make you play continously....

My Game of the Year Awards

1800d ago ... Alright everyone. It's that time of the year again. It's the VGAs. And as always there was plenty of Bull with the awards. Here's the list of the games I think should have won. Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2 Runner up: God of War III Studio of the Year: Bioware Runner up: Quantic Dreams Character of the Year: Commander Shepard Runner up: Ezio Xbox360 Game of the Year: Mass Effe...

What Could (and Should) Be in Civilization V

2089d ago ... What should be expected from the new Civilization game, and what features should Firaxis and 2K possibly implement? The article discusses what could (and should) be in Civilization V.
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