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User Review : City of Heroes

  • Great character creation system{Massive worlds to fight crime in{Very unique experiance to enjoy/dislike
  • Repetitive combat system{Repetitive missions{Basic Graphics

You play as a Hero 'nuff said.

You have to buy time cards to play this game (online or GTFO!) and I hadn't had time card in a long time. Recently though my brother and i felt a craving for some Heroes so we decided to split a 3 month time card.

The whole premise of the game is to make a Hero that is fully customizable from his physical appearance to the powers he obtains, and fight crime and complete quests from various contacts and level up your hero as you get deeper and deeper into the game. Sounds like your typical MMO? Well despite few very unique aspects then you are absolutely right.

Graphically this game is basic, there isn't anything special about any particular part of the game. Not to say that its terrible as everything looks proper but there is nothing new here; seriously falls below standards of todays games. That being said considering the giant size of Paragon City and ALL of its districts, the graphics are pretty impressive.

Playing the game is fun and exciting at the beginning. Customizing your character is so easy to do; it just makes you want to play with your Hero for some serious time after you've created it. And when you play for the first time, oh my lord is it ever awesome, whether your fighting street thugs or doing missions and stopping organized crime you get addicted quickly. You'll play and you'll play and the game will gradually get less exciting as you realize the combat is very repetitive, and the missions are overly repetitive, doing basically the same thing over and over again. And there isn't much of anything else to do, I do like the other ability's you can get like flying and combat jumping but that is just too light to keep me entertained while I'm traveling across a a big district to a mission i dont even care about. There are badges to collect as extras but that isn't too appealing. I have to say though doing missions in a group (co-op) with many other heroes (which you do a lot of in some of the higher levels) fighting is so much more rewarding and kinda rejuvenates the life back into this.

There is a story, but it is not crucial in the development of the game. Your only going to be paying attention to the Trolls you fight or the Outcasts, not about whats going throughout all the districts of Paragon City. That being said the contacts have interesting back stories the more you find, and type clues you find that hint at other gang members and fill you in on a bit of the story are interesting to read.

The music is very appropriate for this game, it just the kind've uplifting and heroic, and then you'll go down into a cave and the music turns dark and creepy though still befitting of the game; very well done music. There also many sounds for all of th powers along with natural stuff as well (water from a fountain, footsteps on a sidewalk etc.)

This game had so much potential. Your playing as a hero that you created; that sounds like tons of fun, unfortunately City of Heroes is not the game it should have been. Not to say that you won't enjoy it because this is a very unique experience that just underwhelms, as they missed many features that kept this from being a daily routine in my gaming schedule. Good game that you might want to check out somewhere before buying; hit and miss really.

Hope you enjoyed mah views <>

the gameplay is tight and addicting, though does get repetitive at times
the graphics are pretty basic but it's to be expected considering how gigantic Paragon City is.
Multiple sounds for all the various powers and elements you can enhance, plus some great music.
Fun Factor
Its easy to spend 3 - 4 hours at a time just leveling up your Hero and making him better, at other times it just gets damn annoying looking for somebody or fighting the same people over and over again
relatively smooth gets choppy in certain areas of the game.
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Jaymun3603d ago

I fully agree with just about everything you said here. it seems that my experience in Paragon city had the same positives and negatives as yours.