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Gaming Backlogs: Top 5 Games Morgan Hench Has Yet to Beat

205d ago - Not to brag, but I’ve beaten a lot of games. Simple games, difficult games, games both long and s... | Culture

The Top 10 Best Dungeon Themes In RPGs

207d ago - Who doesn’t love a stirring theme while you’re exploring the wastes? Gamemoir does and they enume... | Culture

8bitbot’s Top 5 Unfinished Games

208d ago - We all have stories of unfinished games that haunt us to this day, whether it be due to hardware... | Nintendo DS

Top 5 Square-Enix Games

217d ago - With Bravely Default having come out on Friday, this week, the 411 staff were asked to give out... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Top 10 Video Game Endings Of All Time

222d ago - Chadley of Punch Nerds decides to counteract his recent "Most Disappointing Endings" article with... | GameCube

The Twenty Best PlayStation Network Classics: Part 2

223d ago - Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Last week, Entertainment Buddha released the first p... | PS3

Chrono Confusion: Why Have Sony and Square Failed to Produce a Worthy Sequel to the Popular Series?

223d ago - Considering the enormous success of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, why have Square and Sony ele... | Retro

The Best Android RPGs of 2013: Hardcore Droid

226d ago - Hardcore Droid - An RPG could be an enormous decade-spanning epic or it could have almost no plot... | Android

JRPGs: A Retrospective

228d ago - Will Parker discusses classic JRPGs from past to present. Is this genre on the decline? Our compr... | GameCube

Chrono Trigger Symphony 3 Revives Misuda’s Classic Themes

233d ago - If you’ve ever played Squaresoft’s 16-bit role playing masterpiece, Chrono Trigger, chances a... | Culture

Four 16-bit RPGs That Deserve an HD Makeover

235d ago - Entertainment Buddha's Matt Heywood writes, "One of the more popular genres during the 90′s was t... | Retro

Building Character: Frog

256d ago - oprainfall's Tyler Lubben writes: "To put it simply, I think Chrono Trigger is the best video... | Culture

Ten More Absolutely Top-Notch Video Game Villains

288d ago - GameDynamo - "While any old putz can be an antagonist, it takes a truly memorable character to be... | PS2

Johnny’s Top-10 Best Video Game Endings Of All Time [Spoilers]

297d ago - Corrupted Cartridge: "Video game endings are the bows placed on a perfectly gift-wrapped present.... | PS2

Flashback Friday: The Top Ten Super Nintendo RPGs

302d ago - The SNES saw countless great releases across virtually every genre. From platformers to racing an... | Retro

Ichiro Hazama Desires To Create Sprite-based Chrono Trigger Spiritual Successor

306d ago - Ichiro Hazama, Square Enix producer best known for his work on Dissidia and Kingdom Heart series... | Dev

Top Ten RPG Characters

310d ago - Dawnbreaker gives us her personal and completely biased list of the Top 10 RPG characters. | PS2

Boss Battles for the Soul pays homage to SNES boss music

323d ago - "If you’re a fan of SNES RPG music, than this will be right up your alley. Video game music afici... | Culture

11 Video Game Dudes That Look Like Chicks

330d ago - ArcadeSushi: Before you start mouthing off about how weird this list of 11 Video Game Dudes That... | PS2

Here’s EDGE Readers Twenty Best Games Of Our Lifetime

332d ago - Respected UK gaming publication EDGE has quizzed its readers to find out what they determine to b... | GameCube

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

15 Most Shocking Deaths in Video Games

334d ago - As video game narratives have grown stronger over the years, so has our bond to the characters in... | PS2

Retrospective: Chrono Trigger

350d ago - EDGE: "Rescue the beautiful girl. Save the world. This most familiar narrative arc may stretch ba... | Retro

Fine Tuning Interview: Blake Robinson | Esperino

383d ago - Blake Robinson is one of the more fascinating music artists I've had the pleasure of interviewing... | Culture

Top 5 Most Overrated SNES Games

396d ago - I’m tired of hearing about certain SNES games. | Wii

Top 10 Square/Square Enix Games

401d ago - Gaming Union: "Square is a company that has a rich history and it's been responsible for so many... | PS2

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