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Chrono Trigger - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. ProJared

9d ago - Did You Know Gaming: In this episode we take a look at some facts, secrets, and history of Chron... | Retro

A Detailed Look at the Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arranged Album

29d ago - GP writer Jonathan Higgins gives a detailed overview of the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Arran... | Culture

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

The Game Bolt's Favorite Time Travel Games

37d ago - Great Scott! It’s Back to The Future day – the very day that Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly travelled... | PS4

Monk class JRPG characters are the best, here are 10 reasons why

47d ago - JRPG's have seen their fair share of swordsmen and sorcerers, but what about the monk class? Ther... | Culture

Top Scores: Our Favourite Video Game Songs

60d ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writers share their favourite songs from games. "There’s nothing quite like... | Culture

10 Square Enix Games Begging for an HD Remaster

61d ago - With Final Fantasy VII getting a full remake, and the news about Kingdom Hearts 2.8, should Squar... | Wii

Chrono Trigger Retrospective: A Death in the Family

64d ago - “It’s a trope that the older we get, the more we fear death. All these years later, Crono’s death... | Nintendo DS

Chrono Trigger Retrospective Part 2: The Time You Exterminate an Entire Race

66d ago - "The single greatest moment in my 16-bit gaming experience was discovering the Kingdom of Zeal 12... | Nintendo DS

Chrono Trigger Retrospective Part 1: Subverting Tropes and Rewriting Your Future

67d ago - Peter Tieryas of writes: "Chrono Trigger is considered one of the greatest, if not the gr... | PS3

Top 10 Square Enix Video Games

69d ago - Squaresoft and Enix were originally rivals, known for putting out some of the best JRPGs of all t... | PS2

Five Most Sympathetic Video Game Villains

77d ago - While it's all good fun thwarting those sorts of villains, here we'll examine another kind entire... | PC

Is Chrono Trigger As Good As I Remember?

82d ago - When ProJared first played Chrono Trigger, he thought it was one of the most finely and expertly... | Retro

Easter Eggs: 3 Video Games That Took Hidden Content To Historical Levels

94d ago - Gamerant Easter eggs have a long history in gaming, from the hidden credits in 1979’s Adventur... | Culture

16 best SNES games, from Chrono Trigger to Super Mario Kart

96d ago - DS: Regardless of what your friends said to you at school, the SNES was the clear winner in the... | Retro

Why We Love Chrono Trigger After 20 Years

98d ago - GI Chrono Trigger celebrates its 20 year anniversary today. It's a game that has aged incredib... | Culture

5 Reasons To Celebrate Chrono Trigger's Birthday

99d ago - IGN The twentieth anniversary of Chrono Trigger is a reminder of the power of creative restrai... | Retro

Chrono Trigger The Musical

119d ago - Luis is a pretty big fan of musical theater. But what if these five games jumped from the small s... | PS4

Summer Games, Summer Drinks

160d ago - USGamer: Summer should be a time for relaxing. And if you're reading this site, you most likely... | Culture

Did Square Enix Just Tease Another Sequel To Chrono Trigger?

169d ago - Hear me out here, developers tweet things, us common folk get excited and write about it. But, th... | Industry

Chrono Trigger – A game That Wanted Everything And Got It

170d ago - ASidCast: "In my previous article, I had discussed how From Software‘s excellent Bloodborne serve... | Nintendo DS

See what games are coming out in 2016

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The Best RPGs of All Time

171d ago - RPGFan: We all have RPGs that are particularly special to us. Perhaps your favourite game is the... | Culture

Five console-to-mobile ports worth playing

179d ago - Here are five console-to-mobile ports that are actually worth playing.... | Mobile

Top 5 Video Games from 1995

179d ago - Kdin and Matt attempt to list the Top 5 Games from 1995 while Trevor and Jeremy do their best to... | Culture

Top 10 JRPGs of All Time

182d ago - JRPGs are a mainstay in the world of video games, and whats not to love? Incredible stories, deep... | PS2

Why I love: Saving Lucca's mother in Chrono Trigger

190d ago - GR:"Saving Lucca's mother in Chrono Trigger is one of the most memorable scenes in an RPG about t... | Retro
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