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The Beginning of my YouTube Adventure

571d ago ... First things first, i'd like to say i'm bored. Not just the sat there twiddling my thumbs kind, but the getting bored of all these stat analyzing videos floating about which are really popular. Yes its nice to have someone explain it to us, and its an easy ten minute fix, but wheres the fun. The game i'm really getting into at the minute is star citizen, if no one here has ever heard of it i...

Star Citizen: How the biggest crowd-funded project ever could change the gaming landscape

668d ago ... When Chris Roberts, creator of renowned space-simulator series Wing Commander announced in October 2012 that he was to make his return not only to the stars but to the medium of games itself following a ten year break, he could never have foreseen the outpouring of support he has received from all over the world. For many, Star Citizen is the game that, if successful, could fundamentally change...
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