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User Review : Children of Mana

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Children of Mana is definitely a game for those Zelda or Final Fantasy fans out there! Even older Pokemon fans may like it. But I don't know, because I don't play Pokemon. With amazing graphics (manga), and an amazing plot.
Even though only played for about five hours, I find this game absolutely amazing and addictive. It is a perfect adventure game that takes you to another world, where everyone prayers to the Mana Goddess. There was a disaster ten years before, and a similar disaster is occurring, when giant columns of light suddenly appear in the centre of every island. But this time possibly worse!
You are set on a quest as either a 15year-old boy, a 16year-old girl, a rabbit, or an Indian boy/Geenie. The quest is to stop a mysterious man, before the Mana Goddess and the WORLD withers away, and dies.

Including some places in the game where you may need to cheat a bit, and some places in the game where you may need to add/correct/update cheats on game sites.

Thre's also a co-op mode, where you and your friends with the game, can work together to defeat monsters, and complete tasks/quests that you have agreed to complete.

This game has thrills, adventure and drama packed into it. It is very addictive, and magical, but realistic (if it would happen in real life anyway). Anybody who loves Final Fantasy or/and Zelda will adore/love this game, and may not be able to put it down! It's SO addictive!!

Can you save the world of Mana and the Mana Godess??

Superb Manga graphics.
Very good, and suits the magical feel. But, a bit too high noted at times.
Fun Factor
Totally addictive and fun.
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