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Child of Eden Reviews  

Child of Eden Review [GameKudos]

1551d ago - Don’t buy this for the Move functionality. Buy it for the sake of enjoying an action-packed audio... | PS3

Child of Eden Xbox 360 Review – Synesthesiatic Shoot ‘Em Up

1568d ago - If you are one to take up the video games is or isn’t art debate, Child of Eden sure can sway the... | Xbox 360

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Child of Eden Review | GameDynamo

1569d ago - GameDynamo - "Child of Eden is a game of music and lights. The premise behind it is that Earth is... | PS3

Child of Eden - PS3 [Review] |

1574d ago - Ian Fisher writes: Child of Eden is a game that may not be understood by all but it’s an absolute... | PS3

SBG Review | Child of Eden: Prepare for motions and emotions

1578d ago - Child of Eden is an experience. Yes, on a base level it’s a game, but it’s not the mechanics or p... | PS3

Child of Eden PS3 Version Review

1579d ago - After months of Xbox 360 exclusivity, Child of Eden has finally made its way to the PlayStation 3... | PS3

TheParanoidGamer Review: Child of Eden (PS3)

1580d ago - TheParanoidGamer: "After decades of deep space exploration, man has finally reached the end of th... | PS3

Original Gamer Review - Child of Eden

1580d ago - Original Gamer: "Flying neon whales? Eletronica muisc? A girl calling out to you? No this isn't a... | PS3

Child of Eden PS3 Review

1585d ago - Child of Eden has finally arrived for PS3 (approximately 3 months after its 360 counterpart) and... | PS3

CakeAndGames: Child of Eden Triple Review

1588d ago - Child of Eden is a...........………well……........hmm…..It's an on rails space internet adventure sho... | PS3
110° Reviews Child of Eden

1588d ago - TerminalGamer writes: In this age of shooters, where games are hell bent on death and destruction... | Xbox 360

Metro GameCentral: Child Of Eden PS3 Review - moving experience

1590d ago - GameCentral: Playing Child Of Eden is one of the emotional experiences we've ever had with a vide... | Xbox 360

Marooners' Rock Review: Child of Eden (PS3)

1593d ago - Chris write: "Just over two months ago, Child of Eden was released for the Xbox 360 and Kinect. T... | PS3

IGN: Child of Eden PS3 review

1594d ago - In the future, the first human being born in outer space is a girl named Lumi, and her only knowl... | PS3

VGW Review: Child of Eden (PS3/Move Version)

1594d ago - VGW: For fans of video game auteur Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of Space Channel 5 and Rez, Jun... | PS3

Child of Eden Review - PS3 by videogamer

1596d ago - There are two discernible differences between Child of Eden on PS3 and its 360 counterpart from f... | PS3

intheGame Child of Eden PS3 Review

1596d ago - Wanna try the famous Dutch paddo's? Come to Amsterdam. If that's not an option, read the trippy r... | PS3

PSX Extreme: Child Of Eden Review

1597d ago - It's one of the freshest and most energizing titles currently available. The campaign is a littl... | PS3

PALGN: Child of Eden PS3 Review

1597d ago - There are some advantages to playing with Move, over Kinect and the standard controller. It’s def... | PS3

GameSpot - Child of Eden PS3 Review

1597d ago - Guy Cocker writes: While the mechanics remain the same whether you're using Move or a standard co... | PS3

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Geek Revolt: Child of Eden PS3 Review

1597d ago - GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes: "It’s rare that a game actually lives up to the hype placed u... | PS3

OXCGN’s Child Of Eden ‘Posthumous’ Review: Synaesthetic Hypnosis

1629d ago - OXCGN: "Widely recognised as the Kinect game that all ‘core’ gamers were waiting for, Child Of... | Xbox 360

Black Panel Review: Child of Eden

1632d ago - The Black Panel writes: If pop culture is any guide, the 80s and 90s were the golden years of com... | Xbox 360

Child of Eden – Xbox 360 Review by Brash Games

1635d ago - Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Child of Eden, the spiritual successor to Tetsuya Mizuguchi... | Xbox 360

Child of Eden | Review (Xbox 360) | That Gamer Hub

1636d ago - "When Kinect was first announced, I was afraid that it would become another Wii (another tech-toy... | Xbox 360
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Child of Eden

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