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The Twelve Games of Christmas 2011 – Day Six: June

1183d ago - And summer hits. Up until now the release scheduled for 2011 has been pretty generous, however su... | Arcade

VentureBeat: The top 5 sleeper hits of 2011

1184d ago - VentureBeat's Nick Akerman writes about the top games that went unnoticed in 2011 | PC

Want to Join the Team? We are Looking for News Editors

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1up: Flop That Most Deserved to Succeed in 2011

1188d ago - You remember Rez, right? Sega's cult classic for Dreamcast and PlayStation 2? The game that peopl... | Nintendo DS

Gametrailers: Best Motion Control 2011

1190d ago - Gametrailers: Motion games kept on movin' and groovin' throughout 2011, but which one shines amon... | Wii

Are gamers becoming dis-Kinected?

1190d ago - Console Domination writes: I have been a Kinect supporter since it was announced. I believe in th... | Xbox 360

5 Must-Have Kinect Titles...That Aren’t Dance Central

1190d ago - Original Gamer: "It’s been one year since the Kinect made its debut, and it has been a really tou... | Xbox 360

Games as symbols: Child of Eden

1192d ago - Nightmare Mode takes a look at critical darling and sales failure Child of Eden and finds a game... | Xbox 360

5 Great Games from 2011 You (Probably) Haven’t Played

1213d ago - It happens every year. Beyond Good and Evil. Rez. Psychonauts. Tomba. Suikoden II. Ico. Great ga... | Wii

Five Must Have Xbox Kinect Games for This Holiday Season

1213d ago - The Xbox Kinect is a popular item this holiday season, but see what games you must have for it. | Xbox 360

The Overshadowed Games of 2011

1224d ago - With the release of so many big games this year, a lot of lesser (equally great) games have been... | Nintendo DS

Child of Eden Review [GameKudos]

1232d ago - Don’t buy this for the Move functionality. Buy it for the sake of enjoying an action-packed audio... | PS3

Trio of Amazon Lightning Deals Today - 11-04-11

1239d ago - With Black Friday just a few weeks away, lightning season is officially here. Today is very motio... | Wii

Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week Include Buy 2 Get 1 Free

1243d ago - Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week for October 30th - November 6. This weeks highlight- Buy 2... | Nintendo DS

The Catch-Up: 5 Games I REALLY Want To Play

1246d ago - Default Prime's Kyree Leary talks about five games that really grab his attention, but that he ha... | Nintendo DS

Child of Eden Xbox 360 Review – Synesthesiatic Shoot ‘Em Up

1249d ago - If you are one to take up the video games is or isn’t art debate, Child of Eden sure can sway the... | Xbox 360

Child of Eden Review | GameDynamo

1250d ago - GameDynamo - "Child of Eden is a game of music and lights. The premise behind it is that Earth is... | PS3

Child of Eden - PS3 [Review] |

1255d ago - Ian Fisher writes: Child of Eden is a game that may not be understood by all but it’s an absolute... | PS3

BlueHeroGaming: Making of Child of Eden

1256d ago - A look at the development of Child of Eden. All information was gathered from a Bafta Q&A session... | Xbox 360

Child of Eden PlayStation Move Analysis (Includes Vs Kinect Comparison)

1259d ago - After a few months of jealous peeking from behind the waggling shoulders of Kinect users, the PS3... | Xbox 360

SBG Review | Child of Eden: Prepare for motions and emotions

1259d ago - Child of Eden is an experience. Yes, on a base level it’s a game, but it’s not the mechanics or p... | PS3

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NfamousGamers - Child of Eden Rap

1259d ago - JeromeChance "The latest track from the Broken Pixels is as unique and brief as the Ubisoft and Q... | Xbox 360

Child of Eden PS3 Version Review

1260d ago - After months of Xbox 360 exclusivity, Child of Eden has finally made its way to the PlayStation 3... | PS3

TheParanoidGamer Review: Child of Eden (PS3)

1260d ago - TheParanoidGamer: "After decades of deep space exploration, man has finally reached the end of th... | PS3

Original Gamer Review - Child of Eden

1261d ago - Original Gamer: "Flying neon whales? Eletronica muisc? A girl calling out to you? No this isn't a... | PS3

What Makes Gamers Want?

1265d ago - Destructoid: "Gamers today have come to expect certain things from the game industry and the game... | Nintendo DS

Child of Eden

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Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
AU August 2011
EU 23 September 2011
US 20 September 2011
Xbox 360 Release Dates
AU Q1 2011
US 14 June 2011
EU 17 June 2011