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Top 10 Worst Voice Acting in Video Games

150d ago - There are a lot of great voice actors, and a lot of great voice acting in games. From Mark Hamill... | PS2

Top 5 Worst Voice Acting Moments In Video Games

641d ago - When one of the characters asks why they are involved in this I’m pretty sure she went off script... | Culture

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

How bad voice acting can ruin a good game

643d ago - A homage to the games ruined by bad voice acting. May these horrible dubs and scripts live on in... | Retro

Siege Spots – The Beauty of Chaos Wars

781d ago - Today, dear readers, we're going to talk to you about a game in the PS2 library. The game we s... | PS2

Top 5 Best Bad Voice Acting in Gaming

1190d ago - Get ready to plug your ears when playing these five games! | PS2

The worst voice acting you'll ever hear on a PlayStation console

1211d ago - writes: "Still, the videogames industry has played host to some right stinkers in term... | PS2

Ten of the Best Gaming Guilty Pleasures

1344d ago - Every form of entertainment has some products that fall into the “guilty pleasure” category, and... | PS2

Chaos Wars gets a 3 out of 5 at CheatCC - Not Quite a Mash-Up Masterpiece

2727d ago - CheatCC writes: "When you talk about the premise for Chaos Wars it sounds like a pretty cool... | 9

Game Vortex: Chaos Wars Review

2731d ago - Game Vortex writes: "Chaos Wars is an interesting title - at least conceptually. The game ta... | 9

IGN: Chaos Wars Review

2731d ago - IGN writes: " I'm not entirely sure why, but Japan has been awash in crossover games in rece... | 9

This JRPG Voice Acting Is Not So Good

2732d ago - Voice acting sure seems easy, huh? You just read words and get paid. Simple! Well, no. Here's a m... | 9,11,13

Chaos Wars Review (Gaming Excellence)

2744d ago - Pros: A combination of many previous titles; unique 'Realize' mode. Cons: Chara... | 9

IGN: Chaos Wars Preview

2758d ago - For whatever reason, cross-company video game mash-ups are becoming all the rage in Japan. We're... | 9
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