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ME3 Demo: Single Player Impressions - Why RPG and Action games aren't enemies

1385d ago ... I'm really, really trying to avoid discussing games that haven't actually released anymore. Partially, I'm just not seeing the point. I've played plenty of games that don't seem that special until you've seen how all its parts come together in the way it's actually meant to be played. Persona 4 and Catherine come to mind. Good games can be hurt by previews as we see them online *cough*Singula...

October Contest Winners!

1482d ago ... Woo!! The following people are winners! LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Congratulations, ddude hufandpuf despair You each win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! BEST USER BLOG: Congratulations, coolbeans, you win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! BEST USER REVIEW: Congratulations, SeraphimBlade, you win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Why Catherine's marketing team did a disservice to video games as an art form

1592d ago ... I'll start by saying this: I have yet to play Catherine. As a broke college student, I don't always have $63.59 lying around to pick up the latest releases, awesome or not. However, I have done my research in the form of ravenously devouring every review of this game I have come across to get an idea what it was about. My presumptions were proven wrong and I must say that this forward thinking...

Why are story-driven games so family-unfriendly?

1735d ago ... The impending release of LA Noire and the recently announced-for-US Catherine got me thinking. I love to talk about how games are an art form and about the glories of interactive story-telling, especially to my parents and non-gaming family. So why are there so few of the shining examples I can play beginning-to-end in front of my family? Think about the games you own that tell a great stor...

Catherine Demo Playthrough

1765d ago ... This game is a work of art. imagine if you will for those who can remember a mix between Inteligent Cube (I-CUBE), Sakura Wars Taisen, Nightmare on Elm Street and Lain for those of you who can remember this anime.. put all that into a blender and you get Catherine. This is an edited Version of the demo Play through to give you an idea of why this game is worth importing if they don't bring it...
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