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User Review : Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition

  • Beautiful environments
  • Castlevania!
  • Poor platforming sections
  • Terrible camera
  • Dracula happens in DLC and deus ex machina ending

Dracula is DLC

I looked forward to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, so in preparation I decided to play the first one.
Especially since I knew about the _supposed_ cool twist in the end. (Read the spoiler below)

Short and to the point:
A protagonist wants revenge because "something" killed his wife.
It's an average game that tries to be something that it isn't.

It doesn't do hack'n'slash as good as God of War or Devil May Cry, nor platforming as well as Mario.
It doesn't do colossal bosses as well as Shadow of the Colossus and it doesn't do a compelling story as well as ... pretty much anything.

The platforming, despite being very prominent gameplay-wise, is terrible:
Gabriel reacts to every twitch of the stick with a giant step, which is devastating when you just try to re-align yourself thanks to the wonky fixed camera angles.

It feels like they built a pretty decent combat-system, and then they added a light and dark magic mode to it just to simulate variety.
Light mode heals, dark mode does more damage and being "in focus" lets your recharge your magic bars.
The combat is OK, it's not really BAD, but it's nothing special compared to famous hack'n'slash-titles like God of War or Devil May Cry.
There are a few cool moves, but in the end you just parry every once in a while to fill your focusbar, get some orbs, dodge the flashing unblockable attack and buttonmash until the enemy is dead.

--------- SPOILERS (and disappointment) BE HERE ------------

I played Castlevania: Lord of Shadow to see how Gabriel Belmont ended up becoming Dracula.
This was my primary reason for playing it, just to see how we got to the point of Lords of Shadow 2.

The last couple of hours I was just thinking:
"Man, this is gonna be awesome. I wonder how they'll make him into Dracula."

And then the game ended. With some proper Deus Ex Machina, no less.

---------------------END SPOILERS--------------------

It wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't particularly good either. Just very frustrating.
In the end I just wanted to be done with it so I could spend time with other games.

I played through this entire game for the payoff of the ending, imagine my disappointment when it was left out.
Then I find out that said payoff happens in DLC. My disappointment was monumental.
Granted, I played the Ultimate Edition, so I actually have the DLC, but the fact is that the game is not good enough to slog through more of it.

Conclusion: I wish I had skipped this, my time would've been spent better elsewhere.
And, seeing the lukewarm reception of LoS2, I'll also skip the sequel.

Thanks for reading.

Seeing (what will become) castle Castlevania in the land of the vampires is awesome. The game overall is quite pretty.
Nothing particularly outstanding about the sound in my opinion, but the voice actors are some of my favorites: Robert Carlyle and Patrick Stewart. Sadly, they didn't bring anything special to the game in my opinion.
Fun Factor
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ABizzel11515d ago

Can't say I agree with the score, but I agree that some parts are just boring and feel like a poor man's God of War. However, LOS does have some good points like boss fights, a bit of exploration.

LOS2 however, I'm not to sure on.

colonel1791514d ago

"Then I find out that said payoff happens in DLC. My disappointment was monumental."

That right there is why gaming is going to crash and burn. That one reason made me not buy the game ever, and this game with that (and any game that does this) does not deserve one sale at all.