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Why Street Fighter X Tekken failed.

4d ago | Opinion piece | With Capcom’s two big-name franchises headlining EVO 2014 aka the world’s biggest and most prestigious fighting game tournament this weekend, you may have noticed their other ‘experiment’ has been...

Fake Apologies From Big Publishers And Why Gamers Tolerate Them

5d ago | Opinion piece | One Angry Gamer "Jim Sterling assailed provocatively against gaming’s big corporations and their...

Who Could Actually Buy Capcom

19d ago | Opinion piece | Capcom shareholders on Monday, June 16 turned down the company’s existing takeover defense, a protective measure enacted in 2008 and upheld in 2010...

How Microsoft could benefit from purchasing both Crytek & Capcom

20d ago | Opinion piece | With the recent information that both Capcom & Crytek are having financial issues, Pure|News wrote an article about how it would benefit if Microsoft were to acquire both companies and how it could...

Game of The Week-Lockpicks and Sandwiches of the Jill Variety

3d ago | Opinion piece | Kotaku TAY blogger WingZero351 continues his weekly series with the landmark survival horror titl...

Nintendo Should Buy Capcom And Unleash Them on the Next Gen

15d ago | Opinion piece | GenGAME writes: Capcom’s shareholders recently voted to end their takeover defense policies, open...

The Capcom Fantasy Auction

20d ago | Opinion piece | 'With Capcom now being open to outsider buyout due to the ending of its takeover defense, VGU gives you its opinions on who should buy/get exclusiv...

What If Disney Bought Capcom?

21d ago | Opinion piece | Joel Taveras, writes "Just last week, Capcom shareholders decided not to renew their takeover defense plan, leaving the company (potentially) open...

Should Nintendo Buy Capcom?

22d ago | Opinion piece | This week, Capcom’s shareholders announced that they’ll no longer deny a takeover of the company and if the price is right Capcom can become someon...

Who Would Benefit Most from Buying Capcom?

25d ago | Opinion piece | Hardcore Gamer: For the purpose of this exercise, we will aim to keep Capcom at home in Japan, so...
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