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Film Review: 'GTFO: The Movie' covers the treatment of women in gaming

12h ago | Opinion piece | A look at both the film and some of the online remarks about it

Kitchen highlights the strengths and weaknesses of VR

19h ago | Opinion piece | VideoGamer: "One of E3's word of mouth sensations, Capcom's horror vignette Kitchen is scary glim...

The Resident Evil Series - In Retrospect

22d ago | Opinion piece | Chris White really loves Resident Evil. Head to We The Nerdy to read his thoughts on the series s...

Fanboys, Calm Down: Street Fighter V's PS4 Exclusivity is Just Business

20d ago | Opinion piece | Despite what many would like to believe, the exclusivity deal is not a rejection of the Xbox One

Resident Evil 3 Retro Review

24d ago | Opinion piece | In what has become a running theme at GamersFTW, I've been slowly but surely reviewing all the Resident Evil titles one-by-one. Today marks the occ...

E3 2015 Preview Extravaganza: Capcom Takes It To The Streets

22d ago | Opinion piece | Jason Fanelli of G4@Syfygames continues his E3 preview series with Capcom next in line. Can Stree...
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Is DLC Wrong?

168d ago | Culture
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