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Will Megaman Live On Within Mighty #9

1d 7h ago | Opinion piece | We all know that Megamn is coming to the new Smash game but it's been awhile since we seen our beloved Blue Bomber in a new game. So since Keiji decided to take the initiative and create a new type...

AAA Developers Need to Take Mobile Gaming Seriously

6d ago | Opinion piece | Mobile gaming is a huge marketplace full of powerful devices that are increasingly friendly to hi...

Fake Apologies From Big Publishers And Why Gamers Tolerate Them

17d ago | Opinion piece | One Angry Gamer "Jim Sterling assailed provocatively against gaming’s big corporations and their...

Why Street Fighter X Tekken failed.

15d ago | Opinion piece | With Capcom’s two big-name franchises headlining EVO 2014 aka the world’s biggest and most prestigious fighting game tournament this weekend, you may have noticed their other ‘experiment’ has been...

Nintendo Should Buy Capcom And Unleash Them on the Next Gen

27d ago | Opinion piece | GenGAME writes: Capcom’s shareholders recently voted to end their takeover defense policies, open...

Game of The Week-Lockpicks and Sandwiches of the Jill Variety

15d ago | Opinion piece | Kotaku TAY blogger WingZero351 continues his weekly series with the landmark survival horror titl...
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