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Capcom Opinion Pieces  

A response to the “do not censor Street Fighter V petition” for Rainbow Mika’s butt-slap

11d ago | Opinion piece | About seven days ago I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) reached out to Capcom UK and Capcom Unity about why Capcom chose to censor R-Mika´s butt-slap, and split attack move. And since no representativ...

How Capcom Exploited Fans to Greenlight Resident Evil 2 HD

8d ago | Opinion piece | Grab It: "The news of an official Resident Evil 2 remake might be music to many ears, but it's...

Horror Games You Never Heard Of: Sweet Home

28d ago | Opinion piece | To cap off their 13 days of Halloween at Techraptor, author Robert Grosso takes a look at Sweet H...

Is R. Mika’s Butt Really That Controversial?

14d ago | Opinion piece | Are you mad about Capcom's handling of R. Mika? Some gamers sure are.
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