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Resident Evil 2 Reborn, 4th Survivor and Resident Evil 2 Remake

3d ago - Believe it or not, but there is two fan-made Resident Evil 2 games in the making. And Capcom "mig... | PC

We Asked Publishers Which 360 Games They'll Make Playable On Xbox One

25d ago - Microsoft announced Xbox One was getting Xbox 360 backwards compatibility at E3 this year, a feat... | Xbox One

Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Thanks For The Memories: Resident Evil 2

55d ago - "Welcome to the first article in the new series, exclusive to Gaming Rebellion – THANKS FOR THE M... | Retro

3 Fighting Games that Need to Make a Comeback

137d ago - Gaz from Gameondaily looks back at classic fighting franchises that appear to have been forgotten... | PS2

The NES Game That Inspired Resident Evil

160d ago - Peter Tieryas of Kotaku writes: "One of the best horror games ever developed came out for the Fam... | Retro

Capcom Allays Fears That RPG Deep Down Is In Trouble

171d ago - Capcom Online Games may have not had much to show for its upcoming RPG Deep Down of late, stoking... | PS4

RETROspective: Resident Evil Gaiden

177d ago - With series favourite Barry Burton, returning in Revelations 2, what better time to look at his f... | Culture

A leaner, Meaner Capcom in 2015

182d ago - The company is now focused on releasing fewer, but better games. They’ll no longer be trying to m... | Culture

What's With... Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

195d ago - Have you ever wondered what the big deal was about a certain upcoming game? Games have a tendency... | Culture

Never published Onimusha for PlayStation One

252d ago - Epic story about unreleased PlayStation version of Onimusha | Dev

The Dimps Project: What's Next For Street Fighter?

270d ago - Could Dimps be the workhorse behind Capcom's next great game? AUTOMATON's Matthew Coslett delves... | Industry

Game Rekon | Aladdin: How Do You Like Them Apples?!

286d ago - Aladdin is a platform game developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo and designed... | Retro

Darkstalkers Vampire Sound Box: The Stunning Final Days Of Capcom House Band Alph Lyla.

328d ago - Sumthing writes: It’s the very, very late 1990’s and as the third installment of Capcom’s Dark... | Arcade

Retro Weekend: Aladdin vs. Aladdin

351d ago - This Retro Weekend is all about the battle of the century, Aladdin on Super Nintendo versus Aladd... | Culture

Beats In My Head: The Very Best Of Composer Hideyuki Fukasawa's Street Fighter 4 Soundtrack.

356d ago - Sumthing writes: Theme Of Dudley- Dudley remains one of the most eloquent, stylish and beloved... | PS3

Whatever Happened To: Keiji Inafune

375d ago - Sometimes change happens whether we're prepared for it or not. Sometimes events transpire beyond... | Industry

Celebrate Monster Hunter's 10th birthday with a $22,000 guitar

462d ago - Polygon: "Monster Hunter is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a ... guitar?" | PC

Limit Reached: Is there a Way to Revive Capcom's Biohazard?

470d ago - Prominent Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun talks about Capcom's plans for the future. | Industry

Prologue and Episodic Gaming – Is it the future

493d ago - A quick article about Prologue and Episodic games | PC

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is: The Online Money Match

511d ago - GamerzUnite takes a look at the recently added titles to Virgin Gaming and the plausibility of ea... | Xbox 360


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Despite its Great Sales on Xbox One and PS4, Capcom Won’t Give Up on Previous Consoles

538d ago - Though the sales of Xbox One and PS 4, that went”better than originally expected”, the director a... | PS4

Resident Evil memories from the last generation

607d ago - Rely on Horror: Another generation of Resident Evil has come and gone. Before welcoming whatever... | Wii

Fix This Game: Resident Evil 6

626d ago - Mission: Geek tackles all of the things Capcom got wrong with its last numbered entry in the Resi... | PC

Xbox One Lock In At GAME

629d ago - DirtyPixel Gaming recently attended a Xbox One lock in event at our local GAME store, read what w... | Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 Drama Album Translation

641d ago - Resident Evil fansite Project Umbrella has published a full translation of a little-known drama a... | Industry
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