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Prologue and Episodic Gaming – Is it the future

19d ago - A quick article about Prologue and Episodic games | PC

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is: The Online Money Match

36d ago - GamerzUnite takes a look at the recently added titles to Virgin Gaming and the plausibility of ea... | Xbox 360

Despite its Great Sales on Xbox One and PS4, Capcom Won’t Give Up on Previous Consoles

64d ago - Though the sales of Xbox One and PS 4, that went”better than originally expected”, the director a... | PS4

Resident Evil memories from the last generation

133d ago - Rely on Horror: Another generation of Resident Evil has come and gone. Before welcoming whatever... | Wii

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Fix This Game: Resident Evil 6

152d ago - Mission: Geek tackles all of the things Capcom got wrong with its last numbered entry in the Resi... | PC

Xbox One Lock In At GAME

155d ago - DirtyPixel Gaming recently attended a Xbox One lock in event at our local GAME store, read what w... | Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 Drama Album Translation

167d ago - Resident Evil fansite Project Umbrella has published a full translation of a little-known drama a... | Industry

REmake Retrospective: Revisiting the Spencer Mansion

183d ago - This was true survival horror, pitting the player against an enemy that has (unfortunately) been... | GameCube

Steam Weekend: Capcom, Crysis 2

187d ago - This weekend’s Steam deals are mostly Capcom themed with up to 75% price cuts and daily deals. Th... | PC

7 ways Resident Evil 7 can return to its roots

200d ago - Due to the disappointing sales figures of Resident Evil 6 as seen by Capcom, they have told the f... | GameCube

Capcom’s bleak financial situation leaves shareholders worried.

209d ago - It has recently been brought to light by GamesIndustry that one of the biggest third party publis... | Industry

Biggest Street Fighter Collection Ever Puts Yours to Shame

220d ago - This may be the biggest Street Fighter collection ever documented, but even if it isn’t, Clarence... | Culture

Developer Salute – Capcom Circa 1991

226d ago - GI:The company has had a wealth of great games since the mid-'80s, but 1991 was one of my favorit... | Culture

Highest Earning Video Game Companies of 2013

232d ago - Gamerzpedia: Take a look at top 10 highest earning video game companies of 2013 (according to the... | Culture

Which company needs to redeem itself the most next generation, Square Enix, Capcom, or EA?

241d ago - This generation in particular was unlike any other before it. While we have seen many great games... | PS4

Capcom is bringing Monster Hunter Frontier G to the PS3 is a desperate move, not for the fans

249d ago - Playstation Gamer League writes: For most of the current generation, Capcom has made a point to k... | PS3

Capcom looks back on 30 years of gaming

252d ago - As of June of this year, Capcom is a 30-year-old company, ranking up there with Electronic Arts a... | Industry

Capcom Proves That The #1 Next-Gen Buzzword is "MMO"

257d ago - CCC: No matter which side of the platform fence they’re on, most gamers will agree that the comin... | Industry

Capcom continues downward spiral due to poor decisions

258d ago - A look at Japanese game developer Capcom and their downward trend of poor sales and questionable... | Xbox

8-Bit Infantry Wars, Part I: Commando

268d ago - Metal Arcade: Stan Stepanic writes: We’re looking back at 8-bit infantry games, chronological... | Retro

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

The Top 10 Superhero Games Ever

272d ago - Sometimes reading comicbooks and watching the movies isn't enough, you just have to play as your... | Wii

My Silly Flirtation with Fighting Games

277d ago - writes: Therein lies my folly, of course. First of all, the key to most fighting g... | Retro

Mr. and Mrs. Street Fighter to be chosen by Capcom, cosplayers at Comic-Con rewarded

280d ago - Mr. and Mrs. Street Fighter to be chosen by Capcom, cosplayers at Comic-Con rewarded | Culture

Street Fighter 2 machine robs 34 year old blind. Celebrating 22 years of lost productivity.

295d ago - writes: My celebration of Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors 20th anniversary sho... | Arcade

The Top 5 Jump Scares of Resident Evil 2

299d ago - Resident Evil 2 may have made its first debut on the original Playstation console back in 1998, b... | PS2
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