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Capcom planning more HD Remasters - are these games next?

15d ago | Opinion piece | Dealspwn: During a presentation of their recent financials, Capcom stated they are planning to release more HD remasters of "popular older games." This isn't surprising really especially as the rec...

Where Did All the Old Japanese Studios Go?

21d ago | Opinion piece | Japanese studios have mostly disappeared from mainstream gaming and here's why.

Vulgus - Retro Reflections

12d ago | Opinion piece | Chalgyr's Game Room writes: You can’t get more ‘old school’ than the strangely named Vulgus. This is Capcom’s first arcade game, released in 198...

Could Ryu in Smash be a Precursor to Nintendo vs Capcom?

5d ago | Opinion piece | A while ago, Reddit user shinyquagsire23 claimed to have found evidence of Roy, of Fire Emblem, and Ryu, of Street Fighter, making an appearance in the latest Super Smash Bros. iteration. Since the...
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Is DLC Wrong?

131d ago | Culture
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