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Was Call of Duty Classic Best Left In the Videogame History Books?
Around 7+ years have past since Call of Duty (PC) made its 2003 debut receiving a nice share of GOTY awards. Now, the game has been released as arcade games through PSN and XBLA. The only question that remains is whether it should've stayed back on PC or if the console adaptations could bring a refreshing experience.

The setting of CoD (Call of Duty) is the World War II front. With multiple areas being played by various campaigns: American, Russian, and British, you'll definatly find a great level of variation between missions. For one moment you could be trying to hold a town from enemy forces and the next mission, you may be evading Nazis in an automobile (riding shotgun, mind you) the next.

Before starting each mission, you're greeted with a 2-page diary entry for each soldier you play as your loading screen. These play as simple loading screen but also help give you a indication as to what your mission may revolve around. Basically of the missions cover real missions from WWII such as: the taking of Berlin, Airbourne on D-Day, and others.

Since this is the first Call of Duty, your controls revolve around a more "primitive" base then what you're used to if you've played a more recent Call of Duty entry. You have your assortment of weapons, strafing, and other basic FPS controls. The most noticeable change, that was personally a warm welcome, compared to CoD sequels is you have healthpacks, not regenrative health. With Veteran difficulty not allowing health packs, Vet. can offer an amazing challenge while allowing fairness when it comes to checkpoints.

When it comes to the graphics and presentation side of things, it does hold its own but nothing really beyond that. The technical side does look like a maxed out PC with 60 fps, but it still seems like polishing up things would've been welcomed to see. The sounds are still something to marvel at for that time though. The variation in sound for games back then can sound muffled, but they're good for the most part.

Overall, Call of Duty Classic is a formidable game in the arcade market but at too much expense. For an arcade game that COULD'VE been for the fans, Call of Duty Arcade really just cleans up the graphics with 60 fps and calls it a day after that. I'd certainly recommend it for the FPS fan who'd like a challenge, but other than that I'd recommend stearing clear of this title or waiting unitl a price drop.

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Call of Duty on PC (released in 2003): 8.8 w/ coolbeans' *FresH* badge
Great challenge
Smooth gameplay
Varied levels
No formidable changes
1200 MS points ($15)
Graphics For the most part, the graphics look the same but with 60 fps. Explosions still look really nice.
Sound Gun shots are still varied and sound great.
Gameplay The challenge is amazing, with AI that's quite tough (sometimes unfair). I've noticed certain glitches that change the game from challenging to unfair on vet.
Fun factor While an enjoyable ride, what really got to me was this feeling that the game was just thrown together with better gfx and 60 fps.
Online It'll feel mostly familiar if you've played CoD2, but Call of Duty's online is certainly not generic.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
coolbeans  +   1338d ago
Hope you enjoyed the review
I'd probably give Call of Duty (PC) an 8.8-8.9 back in '03, it's just a shame that Infinty Ward didn't try to bring something else to it. The game's still a solid shooter, and I'd recommend it for seasoned CoD veterans and FPS veterans in general.
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rumplstilts  +   1338d ago
I liked your review. But in "Ups" you put gameplay twice.
coolbeans  +   1338d ago
thank you, I've noticed there's a copy-pasta effect going when it comes to that. I'll fix
SB_tanker  +   1336d ago
The (arcade) game is actually called Call of Duty Classic just so you know.

Anyway, you seemed to have enjoyed the game A LOT more than me. I absolutely hate this game on vet. In your review, you mentioned the challenge of it as one of the ups. For me, though is the exact opposite. On vet. I simply could not finnish this game.

I made up something what I like to call a "challenge enjoyment scale." What it measures is how much enjoyment one gets out of a challenge. Too easy, and the game is boring. Too hard, and the game is so frustrating, it loses its fun. Thers's a marker on this scale that shows the cross between 'enjoyment' and 'frustration.' Generally, people will want to sit JUST before this marker as that's the point where one would get the most enjoyment out of the difficulty of the game. The position of this marker varies from person to person because everyone likes a certain difficulty. I personally sit beyond this marker for this game because it was TOO hard to be any fun for me.
coolbeans  +   1335d ago
Thanks for input
Mixing up Classic and Arcade flew right over my head so I'll edit that part, thank you. I'll admit, there were definatly points that frutrated me because they were unfair. That's what "glitches" I'm referring to in my gameplay outline at the end.

Although it had its moments, there was much more challenge than frustration (about 90/10 comparison) for me. I'm not exactly sure how often you play FPS, but I play them quite a bit so I was used to the challenge in veteran. The way things were presented in it as well (had a health system, you could be shot only 3-4 times then die, etc.) really made the game more engaging. Plus, checkpoints would happen really often if you kept a full health bar.
SB_tanker  +   1334d ago
Well particular levels on vet. were more frustrating than others like the boat level where u had to go undercover was one of the worst grinds i've ever done.

I got as far as 'Pavlov's House' on vet. I was in the worst situation u could think of. Its near the end of the mission where I have to defend the house until reinforcements arrive. I'm on the top floor in the bathroom, half heath, the rest of my squad is dead, 50 Germans barreling up the stairs behind the wall to my left looking for me, and a tank outside to my right that will blast through the window and kill me if I don't move to another room in the next 40 sec. or so. The odds could not be overcome. I tried to get past this part like literally 30 times before giving up and deleting the game. It was simply not possible. Do you think you could've gotten through that???
coolbeans  +   1334d ago
Those were definatly the worst two levels imo (3rd being in the back of the truck). I actually did make it past Pavlov's House and the trick to that is hiding in the corner of the 3rd floor. You can go on youtube and see exactly where it is. While it's still hard, you're able to cover both sets of stairs where the germans advance, just be sure to keep you PPsh because of how many come at one time. If you're lucky, you should have 1-2 squadmates with you to the 2:30 checkpoint.

As for the German boat, try to keep a count of the enemies movements and how many there are. It's not that hard once you master strafing.
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SB_tanker  +   1333d ago
I actually did get past the boat level, it was just one of the worst ones to get through. Luckily I did not delete my game saves just in case I gather up enough nerve to watch a walkthrough and try again. However, what u said has been reassuring so maybe all hope is not lost :P thanks
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