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Implementation of Education into Normal Games

2d ago - Taking a look at how education is present even in regular games. | Mobile

Why Do Some Games Receive Such Mixed Reviews?

9d ago - Why do some games receive such mixed reviews, while others receive similar scores across the boar... | Industry

Destiny Isn’t Quite At Call of Duty Levels, But Still Did Well In Japan

31d ago - Siliconera: "On September 11th, Sony Computer Entertainment published Bungie and Activision’s De... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Call of Duty Games of All Time

37d ago - Counting down the Top 5 Call of Duty games is actually a lot tougher than it sounds, there have b... | PC

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Call of Duty: Vietnam Had 'Play Style of Uncharted'

43d ago - Sledgehammer Games’ unreleased, third-person Call of Duty game was internally titled Fog of War,... | PC

Will Advanced Warfare revive Call of Duty?

51d ago - Call of Duty the most successful first person shooter franchise ever is getting ready to release... | Next-Gen

Are We Ready To Go Back To World War II?

58d ago - After being drowned in a deluge of WW2 shooters a few years ago Ruaidhri wonders if it's time to... | Culture

Call of Duty Bingo | Presented by AUTOMATON

59d ago - AUTOMATON's Peter Martin presents: fully interactive DLC (in the broadest sense of the term) for... | PS2

Call of Duty Being Aimed At Children?

59d ago - OnlySP: When I was younger Mortal Kombat was the epitome of gaming gore. It was amazing that we c... | Culture

Popularity Is Not The Key To Gaming’s Wider Acceptance

65d ago - Video games are as marginalized in the public consciousness as ever – despite never having been m... | Culture

The 7 Games You Need To Assemble Your Video Game Expendables

70d ago - Here's seven of the best video games featuring the leads of 'The Expendables 3'. | Culture

5 Call of Duty Maps That Should Be Remade As DLC

74d ago - LzyGmrs selected 5 already released multiplayer maps from Call of Duty that should be reinvented... | Culture

What Started the Decline of Call of Duty?

78d ago - Restart Replay: Last generation a franchise that came to life was Call of Duty. Call of Duty 4 Mo... | PC

What Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Needs To Keep The Series Relevant

81d ago - I was not a huge fan of Ghosts. I really liked Black Ops 2, but it still wasn’t great. The more I... | PC

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare features three Collector’s Editions

86d ago - "Activision announced the Collector’s Editions for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare today. Yes, ther... | Xbox 360

Gamers-- The Fickle Bunch

86d ago - Gaming has long since been one of the greatest forms of socialization, though curiously with the... | PC

The Problem With Western Game Design

91d ago - A lot of Western games prioritise story and visual bombast over gameplay, to the point where game... | Culture

Destiny Will Overtake Call of Duty As the FPS King

91d ago - Given that Destiny offers so much more, and that it represents the multiplayer wave of the future... | PC

Call of Duty: Which Time Period Should Be Next?

102d ago - IGN muses about the future of CoD. Where should the series go after Advanced Warfare? And when sh... | Xbox One

How Much Money Can You Make Playing Call of Duty?

107d ago - There are indeed people who play CoD for a living. Christopher Duarte, AKA Parasite, is one of th... | Culture

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Are you a real gamer if you just play FIFA and Call of Duty?

109d ago - Videogamedebate writes: This weeks debate is on the subject of casual gamers, more specificall... | Culture

Call of Duty: Why Sledgehammer's Vietnam Shooter Was a Good Idea

111d ago - New ideas aren't always money ideas, but in this case of Call of Duty, something new is just what... | PC

What happened to the modern military shooter?

113d ago - Are stories of past glories or battles against an alien hordes not engaging enough for the new ge... | Culture

Top 5 Most Overrated Critically Acclaimed Video Games

114d ago - DAM writes: "Here’s my top 5 most overrated critically acclaimed video games." | PC

Cult of Call Of Duty: A Franchise For The Unhinged?

122d ago - Businesses are cropping up left right and centre to push unnecessary twaddle on the millions of... | Nintendo DS
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