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  Lumi Games Interview Part Two: Playing for Charity

Is that a bear or a game developer? Lumi Games, forged in the wilds of Norway, is an indie development studio in its nascent phase. With a couple t...

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Top 10: The most epic moments in Call of Duty history

85d ago - Call of Duty has through the years become one of gaming's best-franchises. It is a series that is... | PS2

Game Bastard: First Person Shooters

143d ago - Why is the FPS so popular? Why does the industry worship guns? Why won't anybody love me? The... | Culture

Video Games Studies Show Experience Can Translate to Real Life

170d ago - GamerFitnation's Michael Arrietta, researches video games studies to show you how experience can... | Culture

The Best Call of Duty Games

225d ago - "In 10 years the Call of Duty franchise has taken us behind-enemy-lines in World War II, into spa... | PC

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Now - Drew takes on some paranormal investigation. | Promoted post

6 Reasons We’re All Sick Of Call of Duty

225d ago - "This past month saw the release of the fourteenth Call of Duty game, and although that’s includi... | PC

Would a Subscription Based Call of Duty Benefit the Series?

236d ago - Call of Duty may be getting stale, but Josh Miller looks to see if a subscription approach could... | Dev

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Rib Beach Assault Review | GamerTell

285d ago - From the review, "Mega Bloks has done this kind of thing before with Halo, Skylanders, World of W... | Culture

Franchise Wars: Episode 1 – Annual Anarchy

319d ago - Why do we obsessively deride the notion of a franchise? From generation-defining trilogies like M... | Culture

AAA Game Series: Is Sequel Fatigue setting in?

326d ago - Are sequels to popular game series stifling creativity in the gaming industry? | Industry

Do Video Games Need to Result in a Franchise?

339d ago - OnlySP: Franchises have been a very hot topic in the gaming scene over the last few years. There... | PC

Call of Duty as an ESport: Behind the Scenes on How it Works

343d ago - 6aming's Brewer England takes a look at the behind the scenes of Call of Duty as an ESport. Get a... | PC

The Fall of Duty: Camping 01

369d ago - The first in a series of articles dissecting the strategy of camping in the Call of Duty series.... | Xbox 360

Call of Duty X: 10 games later, why fans still care

435d ago - Despite all the negativity surrounding the Call of Duty series, each game manages to outsell the... | PC

Activision Promises a Call of Duty Experience Beyond the TV or PC, Unique to Mobile

449d ago - Activision wants to create a Call of Duty experience unique to the mobile platform, one that will... | iPhone

Community Voice: Not all FPSes Have to Mimic Call of Duty, Do They?

449d ago - Eric of Writes: "There's no doubt Call of Duty is an extremely popular shooter,... | PC

What The New Call of Duty Gaming Engine May Allow and What we Want To See

465d ago - Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece about the new Call of Duty engine and what it ma... | PC

ThePreGameLobby - Episode 25

495d ago - In this episode of ThePreGameLobby, Dan and Anthony are back, this time around they talk about up... | Xbox 360

What Must The Call of Duty Franchise Do To Avoid Long Term Fatigue

495d ago - Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking what the Call of Duty franchise needs to... | PC

Cross Border Gaming #143: Speaking of Satan…

507d ago - CBG's Harold & Frank are joined by Adam Colton of for a rousing discussion of Arca... | Xbox 360

Why Call of Duty Will Not be on Dedicated Servers

513d ago - Skewed and Reviewed have posted an article that was sent to them which outlines why the popular C... | Xbox 360

Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post

Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #13: Mario Aquarium, Bioshock Etch-A-Sketch, Call of Duty Perk-a-Colas

517d ago - "In this week’s Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear, Mario sleeps with the fishes (but don’t worry – he’s o... | Culture

Top Call of Duty Memes

530d ago - Gaming jokes can be some of the funniest out there. Call of Duty is the prime target for gamers a... | PC

Gamers Take Moment of Silence. Griefers Take Opportunity to Massacre and Teabag.

568d ago - The U.S. Department of Electronic Entertainment reports: "In the wake of the tragic events in New... | Culture

Everyone Hates The Call of Duty Series

575d ago - Who would have thought that a series that has grossed over one billion dollars could be hated so... | PC

Call Of Duty 'How To Be A Ninja' Infographic

584d ago - The secret art of the ninja longer a secret. After rigorous training and resear... | PC
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