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User Review : Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    • Online play{Halfway decent controls{Dull achievements

    Amazing transition from historical facts to fiction with relation to current events

    A breath of fresh air from previous Call of Duty games, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare pulls gamers out of WWII and into a Ghillie suit.

    Single Player Campaign -
    Previous COD games had decent campaigns, but you always knew in the end, the Nazi's got their ass kicked. The campaign in Call of Duty 4 is nothing short of spectacular, an exhilarating story from start to finish.

    Multiplayer Online Play -
    Those who enjoyed Call of Duty 2 and 3 online will definitely enjoy COD4's online aspect. But the great online play is overshadowed by some significant flaws.

    Firstly, Xbox Live's core aspect: playing with friends. COD4's party system is lacking at best. I constantly find myself yelling over other voices or sending a Private Chat invite to whoever I'm playing with just because it is so difficult to communicate with friend’s in-game. Automatically playing with the same people as last game is nice, but it should just be an option, a separate post game lobby would do wonders to this game.

    Second, the ranking system. Clever names and useless upgrades hide the enemy of toughNAME: Challenges. Quite possibly the stupidest thing an online shooter could ever include. Seeing people crouching an entire game or committing suicide down a missile silo really drag this game down.

    And lastly, overall gameplay. What was controlled and balanced in the single player campaign turns into a button-mashing mess. With average life being around 8-12 seconds, death is the utopia of this never-ending, but-really-only-20 minute hell.

    Controls - (see multiplayer)
    Solid controls, similar to prequels, but unsurprisingly COD4 hasn't caught up with today's other popular online shooters, reloading will soon become your biggest challenge.

    Graphics/Sound -
    Both good...enough. A similar art style may bring satisfaction to old school Call of Duty fans, but rushed textures and lazy draw distances knock a few points off. The sound was not bad, but it wasn't good enough for me to remember it. That doesn't need explaining.

    Achievements -
    Yes achievements, no Xbox 360 game would be complete without it. I can honestly say I enjoyed earning Call of Duty 4's achievements, mostly because they pretty much came with the story. But as if Online play couldn't take any more hits, there are no multiplayer achievements. 940/1000 points and I doubt I'll ever pick up this disaster again.

    Fun Factor
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    credman273741d ago

    You don't know what you are talking about. There is no better FPS game on a console right now and you know it. I would be surprised if there is a better FPS that will come out between now and when COD6 arrives in 2009.

    Fr0ZzZeN3741d ago

    You have no idea... This game is easily one of the GOTY and to give it a 6 is ridiculous.

    toughNAME3741d ago

    ah, the beauty of USER reviews

    i_like_ff73741d ago

    wow u gave nhl 08 a better review then cod4....

    soccerstar3741d ago

    wow dude you just hate this game cuz u suck at it. My average life is at least 2-3 minutes

    toughNAME3740d ago

    I suck at multiplayer yes.

    Yet I can cruise through the game on veteran...but that means nothing so..

    BeaArthur3702d ago

    I wouldn't necessarily say he sucks at it but I would question his strategy if he is dying every 8-12 seconds.

    Fr0ZzZeN3740d ago

    So you give COD4 a 6, Burnout Paradise a 7 and NHL an 8.6?

    Strange way of reviewing but whatever floats your boat.

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    The story is too old to be commented.