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Theories about “Black Smith”

654d ago - CarlosX360 Writes: "There is a lot of speculation about the next iteration of Call of Duty. Is it... | PC

MW4 is coming, and there’s no stopping it

732d ago - CarlosX360 writes: "Last year, I listed the reasons why Modern Warfare 4 is coming. However, many... | Xbox 360

Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Call of Duty is the definitive game series this generation

964d ago - MMGN: Call of Duty has touched more gamers than any other franchise. It’s brought more people int... | PC

Top 10 Call of Duty Games

1003d ago - writes: "Call of Duty has been around for a very long time. You may remember the... | GameCube

8 games that changed gaming – historical titles that changed how you play

1018d ago - OPM: When was the last time you loaded up a game that changed the very way you play? It’s been a... | PS2

COD: Ghosts Confirmed for Current Generation, Modern Warfare 4 Still Possible for Next-Gen

1023d ago - VG Republic Writes: Ghosts, that is what the newest Call of Duty will be known as and is made by... | PS4

Once again, MW4 follows the Modern Warfare reveals timeline.

1025d ago - CarlosX360 writes: "There seems to be more, and more leaks about the next Call of Duty title. We'... | PC

Call of Duty is Microsoft’s Key for a Successful Reveal

1030d ago - VG Republic Writes: Dan Amrich, we as a gaming community have to thank you for confirming what we... | Xbox 720

MW4 follows the Modern Warfare reveals timeline

1031d ago - CarlosX360 writes: "Dan Amrich revealed on his YouTube channel that MW4 info is forthcoming. He b... | Xbox 360

Should we expect the next Call of Duty at the Xbox 720 reveal?

1031d ago - GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "It doesn't take a genius to realize Microsoft's expected next-Xbox... | PC

What’s Next for Call of Duty?

1042d ago - OXCGN: "Back in 2011, just after Modern Warfare 3 had been released, I took a crack at what I... | PC

Ghost's Backstory Could Make a Great Call of Duty Campaign

1049d ago - OnlySP: Call of Duty is a franchise known primarily for its multiplayer offerings, as the campaig... | PC

Call of Duty is the new Pokemon

1049d ago - The Call of Duty franchise has been under attack and heavy criticism for the past few years for i... | Nintendo DS

5 Things We Want In Modern Warfare 4's Single Player

1060d ago - "Most people jump into the Call of Duty games for the multiplayer portion of the game, with a fai... | PC

Modern Warfare 4 Could Bring Back Killstreaks

1064d ago - JI of RGN takes the time to introduce the notion we have overlooked about the forthcoming Call of... | PC

MW4 is coming

1064d ago - CarlosX360 writes: "Every year, a new Call of Duty title is to be expected. However, there has be... | PC

Real or Fake: Examining the ‘Modern Warfare 4′ website

1066d ago - writes, "Today, a website went live that teased the announcement of a brand new C... | PC

How PS4 could change 10 of its biggest games – what the new features could bring

1072d ago - OPM: The PS4 is promising a lot of new toys. From game streaming to a suite of new social feature... | PS4

Modern Warfare 4 Didn’t Cause Destiny Delay

1088d ago - Call of Duty is said to be effecting games' release dates already, even before the next iteration... | Xbox 360

GTA V vs Modern Warfare 4: Battle for Supremacy and Billion Dollars, Who Will WIN?

1094d ago - Going by the track record of all previous Call of Duty game, each one managed to sell more units... | PC

PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post

Is Call of Duty’s Prestige System Outdated?

1096d ago - writes: "Call of Duty… by just saying this title out loud Activision will have ma... | PC

8 Games Expected to be Revealed in 2013

1102d ago - Slowly and steadily 2013 is getting bigger and better with each passing days. We all are on the v... | PC

Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 - Which Game Will Take The Top Spot?

1103d ago - Game & Guide: "Grand Theft Auto 5 and Modern Warfare 4 are two of the most anticipated video game... | PC

13 Games That Will Be Revealed In 2013

1131d ago - Richard Bailey of writes: As the 2012 gaming season draws to a close, both con... | Xbox 360

10 ways Modern Warfare 4 needs to improve on Modern Warfare 3

1134d ago - OXM - Call of Duty is in an interesting place right now. With Black Ops 2, many expected Treyarch... | PC
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