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That Time Call of Duty Let You Shoot Up An Airport

32d ago - Few games give you the option to skip over a mission before you play it, but Call of Duty: Modern... | Culture

16 Call Of Duty Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

89d ago - WC Although it proves itself to be more polarising with each passing year, Call of Duty is han... | Culture

7 Games to Celebrate America on the 4th of July

144d ago - David Jagneaux from The Koalition writes: "Once you’re done playing baseball, eating hot dogs, an... | PC

5 Famous Video Games That Were Banned Outside of the U.S.

354d ago - 8CN: It's December 5, 2014 and, (for all you history nerds out there), that means it's officially... | PC

Pros and Cons: The Midnight Release

438d ago - There are many reasons to go and many reasons to not go to midnight releases for games, and here... | Xbox 360

The evolution of COD multiplayer: Has it changed for the better?

754d ago - Call of Duty has become a phenomenon. For better or for worse it is instantly recognisable, endle... | PC

Matter Of Perspective: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Series

758d ago - The Cold War is one of those periods of history where, for the first time, humanity could have ob... | PC

Inside the Lawsuit-Filled Breakup: Activision & Call of Duty Designers Vincent Zampella & Jason West

890d ago - Vanity Fair: "The video-game industry is currently waiting with bated breath for the release of T... | Industry

Is Call of Duty’s Prestige System Outdated?

1014d ago - writes: "Call of Duty… by just saying this title out loud Activision will have ma... | PC

18 ridiculous(ly expensive) video game special editions

1017d ago - Game developers are increasingly fond of including doodads and gizmos with the premium editions o... | PC

No Russian: the modder who went on to make Call Of Duty’s most controversial set piece

1017d ago - EDGE - We profile Mohammad Alavi, the modder-turned campaign designer who scripted the infamous N... | PC

The Most Amazing Snow Levels And Zones In Video Games

1020d ago - Barring timed underwater escort missions, snow levels, with all their slippery ice and falling ro... | Xbox 360

17 Luckiest Kills That'll Blow Your Mind

1078d ago - GameRanx - "The best kills are sometimes the result of luck, and not skill. Here are some of the... | PC

In the Shadow of the Soldier: Call of Duty’s Greatest Past Competitors

1091d ago - Matt Randisi writes, "With Black Ops II in stores now, I couldn’t help but wonder of all the game... | Wii

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Actors): The Call of Duty Edition

1105d ago - Call of Duty might recycle engines and plot-lines, but when it comes to Hollywood talent, from Ca... | PC

How cheaters cheat: boosting

1107d ago - Boosting is using illegitimate means in online multiplayer to receive tons of easy XP, effortless... | Culture

Eurogamer: Could PEGI combat the inevitable next-gen "the violence is so real!" media outcry?

1212d ago - Next generation graphics will be even more believable; violence and gore even more real. If Parli... | Culture

Women in Games: Violent Contradictions

1214d ago - Robert Settle would like to see more violence against women in video games. Now he has got that c... | Xbox 360

The Heartfelt Halo Romance You'll Never See

1220d ago - Two weeks ago we took a pile of video game characters and smashed them into films in which they c... | Culture

Most bizarre game reviews

1224d ago - Everyone has got an opinion… MyGaming rounds up some of the best and the worst | PC

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Six Billion Pounds of Video Games Were Sold Last Year (And Other Weird Environmental Facts)

1243d ago - Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes, "We often think of video games and hardware in terms of units sol... | PC

No Offence, But...

1260d ago - BeefJack: "The most offensive games in the world – and their developers’ ridiculous excuses." | PC

The other side of the FPS games (which would be in 3rd Person)

1275d ago - Well folks, today I found several videos that show FPS games, played in 3rd person, and I thought... | PS2

[Featurama] Sorted: Fixing the Games We Love

1292d ago - Let’s face it, there’s nothing a game developer loves more than to be told by some guy on the Int... | PS2

How gaming’s biggest blockbusters affect monthly sales (infographic)

1308d ago - If you ever doubted the impact that blockbuster games have on monthly software sales, then this n... | PC
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