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Call of Duty 4 review (PS3)

lil bush | 2932d ago | User review
Reviewing: Call of Duty 4
simply amazing
the call of duty franchise was know for a WW2 shooter that was honesly getting just boring epspecailly after treyarch cod3 which was just to geneneric, and everyone was wondering what was infinity ward doing this whole time, and well a amazing kick ass game that offerd something new, with a different story, new and better weapons, and imo they did great job in making the game the same across all three platforms. and the online is like crack, you just keep coming back for more with some fresh aspects that just isn't necisarly new but just feel new, but if you have a ps3, 360 or if pc can handle it, cod4 is a game that can be remembered not for creating anything new but taking whats there and adding more to it............

lil bush
single player feel fresh{online is addicting, and fun{graphics at its best
sadly, the single player is short
Graphics does nothing new but its as good as it gets
Sound infanity ward must have been in the basement so much, cause the visuals are staggering
Gameplay the sound effects to the guns, superd voice acting, explosings create a fantastic job done with the sound deparment
Fun factor there is something to say about a game when you look at your clock and look back to 2 seconds and its 4 hours later, and thats when you know your having fun
Online online is deep as it get, and addictive as can be
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
Iron Man 2  +   2932d ago
COD4's online is the best thing since sliced bread,seriously,it's that good,great review!;)

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Call of Duty 4

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