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User Review : Burnout Paradise

  • Good mix of new and old features
  • Linear experience

Burnout Paradise is the fifth installment to Criterion Games' wildly successful Burnout series

As soon as you put the game in you’re thrown into the game. That’s right, no main menu. The same lengthy tutorial in the demo will annoy you even more here; because now you have the entire city open to you and yet you’re constantly being stopped by Crash FM. Burnout Paradise (let’s call it BP) has very similar gameplay to previous games in the series.

Single player in BP has a new twist: open world. As I played I felt shades of NFS: Most Wanted but with better graphics. Even with the open world play I still felt the game to be linear. The ‘campaign’ would be events you complete, instead of events just being listed like in previous Burnouts; you access them by driving to traffic lights. I don’t really know how but I actually felt this game to be more linear than its predecessors even with the open world. Other things that add to the single player part are: Gas stations that fill up your boost, Auto Repair, and a place where you can get your car painted a different colour. It’s also possible to unlock cars via takedowns. As you progress through events occasionally a new car will be available for you to hunt down. A new feature which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Burnout Paradise does make up for its extremely straight forward single player with some online multiplayer which was great fun. Tired of doing the same old repetitive single player? Why not hit Right on the D-pad to bring up the Online menu. The only option to play in Freeburn which throws you right into the game. No loading, no change of car, no change of location, just a small menu at the top right which shows other people in the same game as you. The host can then select Challenges or Events…or choose to just Freeburn around Paradise with your buddies. Challenges will bring up a menu of 40+ different goals each player has to get such as getting big air, and drifting the farthest. Events allow the host to pick any event and route for all players to participate in. Old school Burnout fans will enjoy this as there is limited roaming and loading to start an actual event. There is no offline split screen, as with most open world games.

And lastly, the achievements in BP are a blast to go for. A mix of quick early achievements and hard achievements later in the game provide an awesome experience and a great example of how achievements will be.

Avril Lavigne? No thanks. Typical EA have custom soundtrack feature so use it
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shortax3763d ago

I agree for the with everything you said. It is just I don't think the overall sound quality should be a 3 because of their chosen tracks. But to each his own.

InYourMom3758d ago

Don't score the game low because the music doesn't appeal to your personal tastes.

3757d ago