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User Review : Burnout Paradise

  • Balls out action and crashes{Ease of Online play{Sound and Graphics are awesome
  • Can miss turns when in a heated race{Advanced Controls a bit difficult{City seems void of actuall people

Impressions of a crash and bash arcade racer

This is my first review on this system. I will give it a rating out of 10 on graphics, sound, gameplay, control, and replay value (which are cool features) and tally of the score out of 50.

Graphics: 8.5 - great graphics, details on cars is outstanding, the surrounding enviroment such as buildings and trees, are also well done. The accident damage details are also top notch, and the illusion of speed is well portrayed.

Sound: 9 - The basic sound track that comes with the game is typical rock and pop with a slight edge as well as some old metal tracks, and I love it! The sound effects are also well done, you can hear almost every ping, and crack of the glass when your card hits another car, the voices are also clear and well done.

Gameplay: 8.5 - I love the open city concept, very well done. But where are all the people? I see the cars driving around, but no body is walking. It seems a little weird after awhile, but easy to get over and a minor flaw. The game modes are great fun, and online is even better and very easy to use. Ever intersection can be a new race, and when you gain a new licence, you can re-race your old wins again, and they count towards the new licence. Instant replays and slow motion shots add to the complete package of this game.

Controls: 8 - Good controls over all, I had a bit of a problem trying to get the car to "spin" pitch and yaw off of jumps etc. Also at speed, the game can be a bit blurry and hard to see upcoming turns when competing in the races.

Replay: 8 - lots of replay here, a good game to pick up quick and have some nonsense balls out racing. the online mode really keeps things going once you have explored the city and completed all the challenges, so there will always be plenty to do, however, I can see the game becoming boring for those who want a lot of challenge and change in their games.

Total: 42/50 = 84% Overall a Good game. A must buy for any race fan, or for someone who loves to crash cars.

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Milky3587d ago

I love this game but it can be really irritating when racing. I just play online and try and get all the billboards and gates. I pretty much agree with all the review.

Jinxstar3587d ago

I agree man. The reason there are no people FYI is they would lose their E rating if they had people in the game i.e. getting hit by cars. Also I feel it would take away from the core of racing and not killing spree... Kinda makes me wonder what they are gonna do when they introduce motorcycles in the Xpac... Good review

Milky3585d ago

they said that when you crash on motorbike the man is erased from crash.

ape0073585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

good game but

burnout 3 and revenge are miles better
the roadrage in paradise seem to has less foucus than 3\revenge

the open city is great idea to refresh the game but in some races i get easly lost unlike midnight club 3:dub edition the roads in mc are big,the checkpoints and city design in midnight club are much better than paradise

the radar in paradise is a bit confusing

overall paradise is an exellent game 9 out 10 of I say

I respect you criteriongames for all the awesome burnout games over the years with both acclaim and EA,thank you guys very much,keep up the hard work and take racing gener to a whole new level,

hope the next burnout game be like BURNOUT 3,having the best of the best,the crash mode in revenge was good but not as great as 3's

burnout 3 crash mode= best crash mode ever