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User Review : Bubble Cooking Adventure

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  • bubbles
  • long life restoration
  • hard levels

“Bubbles” in the kitchen or Bubble Cooking Adventure

There are lots of people in the world who appreciate fine cuisine, including me. I love cooking and playing games, but the thing is I could never do that simultaneously, or could I?

Some things are hard to replace in life, for example, my bubble genre obsession. My family could never understand that, my friends could never understand, the heck, I couldn’t understand that either, but things happen and you get to play lots of Facebook games during the social media game epidemic and then you get addicted…for life. That is exactly what happened to me and “bubble” games. I consumed lots of them, before iPad got into my life. It replaced Facebook instantly but my crave for bubbly stuff (and I don’t mean the alcohol drink) was always there. So, cutting to the chase, this is a review of one of them, my recent discovery – Bubble Cooking Adventure by Renatus Media, LLC. This company has released so many different bubble-something games, I couldn’t even count. But Bubble Cooking Adventure is the one that's worth your full attention.

This game offers you a delicious journey across 7 countries, famous for their unique ethnic dishes. In each country you come across a dozen of towns, bursting with bubbles that bounce above the boiling pots. You are to shoot them using various techniques, boosters and magical kitchen utensils. A small spoiler: those countries are of Asian, European and Arabic origin.

So the gameplay is pretty nice and easy to get a read on. Just shoot bubbles, color-matching them, and try to aim more accurately. That's it. However, two characters are good-looking, bubbles are nicely designed (and I’ve seen a whole bunch of them), tapping control works perfectly and levels are getting harder very quickly (best way to test your leveling skills). All above-mentioned and some other features make this game a great example of bubble shooter & match 3 that is pretty hard to find on the App Store.

And my favorite thing about Bubble Cooking Adventure are collections of different dishes: lasagne, peking duck, sushi, pastilla, tiramisu, gingerbreads and others that always make me think of what I need to order for dinner today, yummy!

Although, to be honest, there are some things in this game that I would change. One of them is that the game is getting really hard after the third country opened. You couldn’t possibly pass levels without using boosts, so keep that in mind and better not waste them on Russian levels, take your time. And it takes too long to restore lives. Couldn’t play it as frequent as I’d like to.

Nonetheless my verdict is that Bubble Cooking Adventure is good-looking, brain-teasing and addictive. Everything true bubbles need.

Pretty great for bubble game
Fun Factor
So much fun!
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BattleAxe1566d ago

So I'm assuming that you found bubbles fun to cook? and could even consider it an adventure?

maxaon1565d ago

Adventure- is part of the game title.
Yeah, I found this mixture pretty interesting. Bubbles and food, not something you see everyday.

Pintheshadows1562d ago

Unless you are a bubble chef of course.