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User Review : Brutal Legend

A Burst Of Utter Delight

Brutal Legends is a breath of fresh air in the gaming world. It is a blast to play through and Tim Schafer always knows how to develop a good entertaining and funny game. Double Fine has created something special and you will be enjoying the creative they put into this game. It isn’t any shooter which is a relief, this is a third person hack and slash but also has strategy for some missions, but we will get to that later. It’s an experience that is more unique then any shooter out that year for sure. Tim Schafer planted something special and it grew into this wonderful, beautiful, and rich game.

As you play through this game you admire all the big and tiny things they did. It was an experience that doesn’t come around that offer. It was unique that made it different from the other games. This game is a blast to play, from beginning to end and offers the players a hell of a time. This game is fun, funny, and more it is just a great game to be playing and you could just go in the game at anytime and just run around and kill stuff.

Brutal Legends delivers a great story, in the beginning it laughs at and picks on the new mainstream of heavy metal. Soon after, it all changes by going back in time where heavy metal was real. After all the humor through Brutal Legends there is this rich story that is delivered that has you craving for more after completion. While you play through the game you can tell that it enjoys making fun of hair metal, nu metal and takes a shot at them anytime it gets, because heavy metal is the only type of music that is true. The bad guys are hilarious looking sometimes; you have emo kids, longs blond hair rockers wearing women’s jewelry, etc. But there are also scary looking minions that are always fun to kill.

The story enjoys twisting and turning throughout the plot line. It does make some surprise while you play it. Eddie Riggs (Jack Black) is the hero of Brutal Legends and he is the most famous roadie, and his place is not in the spotlight but out of it. He enjoys making someone else look good and doesn’t want anything else but really heavy metal. He gets warped back in time and has a chance to be somebody who can be in the spotlight and save the realm.

The game is set up through missions and most of them are real-time strategy battles that find you taking your troops into battle that looks like a giant rock concert, but two bands are fighting off for glory. It can also be fun because you can also join the battle and help out with the fight for metal. If you do the side missions there is racing to do, beat ‘em up, or shooter When you do the missions in brutal Legends it is a great experience because none fail at what it does best and it makes a great gameplay set up.

There is multiplayer and uses the RTS battles which can be really enjoyable online. There is a choice between three factions to play as and up to 8 people can join the fight with four on each side to play. There are a total of 7 maps to choose from and the objective is to destroy the other faction. It helps for people who enjoy RTS online, and it also expands the life of the game. The gore, the cartoony graphics, really makes Brutal Legends what it should be. Slicing demons legs are bodies off, or whether you are melting faces it is enjoyable and makes it fun as hell. The neat thing is if your kids want to play it you can turn off the gore and swears throughout the game which could make a teen game instead of a mature game.

If you enjoy collecting things then you will find Brutal Legends is for you. The open world has a lot to collect which will keep you busy for quiet some time. You can go accept side missions whenever you feel like it, find secrets; it gives you a lot of options on what to do after the story. Throughout the side missions there are only three types of variety and even after completing the game it will be those three same missions spread out around the world but are still fun to play. One thing which I thought was a problem but not overly a huge issue was that Eddie could not jump. But you wouldn’t want to get stuck and know that you could escape if you could jump. Double Fine does set up for a sequel in brutal Legends and I’d love to see that but it was cancelled, which will leave a black tear in my heart forever.

In the game you have two main weapons a guitar that can do range damage and the battle axe. They all can be upgraded including the deuce with Fire Tributes which are the game’s currency. Winning battles and completing objectives and missions, finding secrets will all give you points. You can purchase your new upgrades once you enter the motor forge and you can also learn new moves and such. The Motor Forge is run by none other then himself the Guardian of Metal which is voiced by Ozzy Osbourne. The voice work is one of my favorite parts in the game. Jack Black does a perfect role for Eddie and you can really tell he was into his role. I give credit to all the voice actors who worked on this game because it really gave it the charm in a video game. They were all stars for each of there parts.

Brutal Legends is an experience that is worth your money. If you are tired of doing the same things in video games then you should check this game out because it gives you a unique experience. All the music is fantastic with the voice acting going superb; it is a beautiful experience. Tim Schafer and Double Fine made a damn good game that I will never forget. Enjoy the heavy metal world of brutal Legends with its unique style because it was fantastic from beginning to end.

Written By 2Can

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sdtarm2735d ago

ive holding up on buying this game for a long time, I think ill get it now!

egidem2733d ago

I have a copy of the game lying around somewhere. I think that this review just gave me the incentive needed to slide the disc in and play the game.

Thanks for the review!

hennessey862735d ago

this after playing the demo, really wasnt expecting much but it was really entertaining

johnsonbat2734d ago

Nice review mate, think I'll pick this up now as it's usually in the bargain bin.

mixelon2732d ago

I wish EA would reconsider the sequel/s double fine wanted to make. BL set up such a rich interesting world and I feel like its pretty underutilised now. :(