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Brutal Legend Reviews  

PlayDevil: Brütal Legend X360/PS3 Review

2252d ago - PlayDevil has posted a review of Tim Schafter's latest project, "Brütal Legend".... | 1,2

Ve3tro: Brutal Legend Review

2255d ago - Thomas Worthington: "It pains me to say it but Brutal Legend is hard to love. It's got only... | 1,2

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Level7 Review: Brutal Legend (Xbox 360)

2261d ago - Level7: Tim Schafer gives us the hard rock and humor in a strategy-adventure. Is it worth all the... | 2

Brutal Legend Single Player Review: Putting the Pedal to the Metal (GameGuru)

2267d ago - GameGuru posts, "Brutal Legend is set to entice not only players who fancy heavy metal but a... | 1,2

UK Spotlight - Brutal Legend Review

2269d ago - I'll come out with it now, I knew nothing of Brutal Legend, for me it shot out of nowhere and onc... | 1,2 Review: Brutal Legend

2269d ago - The genius of Tim Schafer is not a mystery to anyone who has followed the gaming la... | 1,2

Brutal Legend - The TripleChat Review

2272d ago - TripleChat reviews the latest Double Fine title, Brutal Legend. Does Tim Schafer's latest whacke... | 1,2 Review: Brutal Legend (PS3)

2273d ago - A review. So according to the fine ladies and gents at EA "Brütal... | 1

Bone-idle : Brutal Legend Review

2280d ago - From the pen of legendary game developer Tim Schafer comes Brutal legend the first major main str... | 1,2,12

Game-Pad: Brutal Legend Review

2283d ago - Brutal Legend is a masterpiece in every way, other than its actual gameplay! It just plain and si... | 1,2

Gaming Angels: Brutal Legend Review

2284d ago - The game is wonderful - Gaming Angels can't stress this enough. And while it's initially kind of... | 1,2

Electro-Candy Review: Brutal Legend

2284d ago - You know you are getting old when you realise you are turning into your Dad. When the hair starts... | 2

The Hachiko: Brutal Legend Review

2285d ago - The Hachiko writes: "Brutal Legend is a game that's only as great as your love of the source... | 1,2,12

GoFanboy: Brutal Legend Review

2285d ago - GoFanboy writes: "Brutal Legend is a hard game to classify when you factor in the action, ad... | 1,2,12

About: Brutal Legend Review

2287d ago - About writes: "I fall pretty much squarely into Brutal Legend's target demographic. I love h... | 1,2,12

Brutal Legend PS3 Review - Console Obsession

2287d ago - Brutal Legend is a very likeable game, an obvious tribute to the very loud music that is heavy me... | 1

GamesThirst Reloaded Review: Brutal Legend

2289d ago - So we are coming up on a month now and Double Fine, and Tim Schafers opus to heavy metal has sold... | 1,2,12

MyPS3: Brutal Legend Review

2289d ago - MyPS3 writes: "Brutal Legend is a genuine laugh out loud narrative driven adventure. The gen... | 1

GameKult Review: Brutal Legend

2290d ago - GameKult: They had left a Tim Schafer Psychonauts completely crazy but could be improved on sever... | 1,2

Games2C: Brutal Legend Review

2291d ago - Games2C: "Fans of good–looking, inventive games will be making devil horn hand signs at... | 2

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Game Hub: Brutal Legend Review

2291d ago - If you chose to ignore most of the side-missions of the main game there is only about six hours w... | 1,2

Digital Battle: Brutal Legend Review

2292d ago - Digital Battle writes: "Legendary game maker Tim Schafer, who's known for taking some wild c... | 1,2,12

Gameheros: Brutal Legend Review

2292d ago - Gameheros: "To say that Brutal Legend is anything short of a great game would be a cruelty t... | 2

VGarabia: Brutal Legend review: is it Tim Schafer's greatest?

2292d ago - Brutal Legend is an action adventure/strategy game from Tim Schafer, the man responsible for one... | 1,2

Neocrisis: Brutal Legend Review

2293d ago - Neocrisis: From the wildly creative mind of Tim Schafer, writer and director of popular cult titl... | 1,2

Brutal Legend

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