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PlayDevil: Brütal Legend X360/PS3 Review

1990d ago - PlayDevil has posted a review of Tim Schafter's latest project, "Brütal Legend".... | 1,2

Ve3tro: Brutal Legend Review

1992d ago - Thomas Worthington: "It pains me to say it but Brutal Legend is hard to love. It's got only... | 1,2

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Level7 Review: Brutal Legend (Xbox 360)

1999d ago - Level7: Tim Schafer gives us the hard rock and humor in a strategy-adventure. Is it worth all the... | 2

Brutal Legend Single Player Review: Putting the Pedal to the Metal (GameGuru)

2005d ago - GameGuru posts, "Brutal Legend is set to entice not only players who fancy heavy metal but a... | 1,2

UK Spotlight - Brutal Legend Review

2006d ago - I'll come out with it now, I knew nothing of Brutal Legend, for me it shot out of nowhere and onc... | 1,2 Review: Brutal Legend

2006d ago - The genius of Tim Schafer is not a mystery to anyone who has followed the gaming la... | 1,2

Brutal Legend - The TripleChat Review

2009d ago - TripleChat reviews the latest Double Fine title, Brutal Legend. Does Tim Schafer's latest whacke... | 1,2 Review: Brutal Legend (PS3)

2010d ago - A review. So according to the fine ladies and gents at EA "Brütal... | 1

Bone-idle : Brutal Legend Review

2017d ago - From the pen of legendary game developer Tim Schafer comes Brutal legend the first major main str... | 1,2,12

Game-Pad: Brutal Legend Review

2020d ago - Brutal Legend is a masterpiece in every way, other than its actual gameplay! It just plain and si... | 1,2

Gaming Angels: Brutal Legend Review

2021d ago - The game is wonderful - Gaming Angels can't stress this enough. And while it's initially kind of... | 1,2

Electro-Candy Review: Brutal Legend

2021d ago - You know you are getting old when you realise you are turning into your Dad. When the hair starts... | 2

The Hachiko: Brutal Legend Review

2022d ago - The Hachiko writes: "Brutal Legend is a game that's only as great as your love of the source... | 1,2,12

GoFanboy: Brutal Legend Review

2022d ago - GoFanboy writes: "Brutal Legend is a hard game to classify when you factor in the action, ad... | 1,2,12

About: Brutal Legend Review

2024d ago - About writes: "I fall pretty much squarely into Brutal Legend's target demographic. I love h... | 1,2,12

Brutal Legend PS3 Review - Console Obsession

2025d ago - Brutal Legend is a very likeable game, an obvious tribute to the very loud music that is heavy me... | 1

GamesThirst Reloaded Review: Brutal Legend

2026d ago - So we are coming up on a month now and Double Fine, and Tim Schafers opus to heavy metal has sold... | 1,2,12

MyPS3: Brutal Legend Review

2026d ago - MyPS3 writes: "Brutal Legend is a genuine laugh out loud narrative driven adventure. The gen... | 1

GameKult Review: Brutal Legend

2028d ago - GameKult: They had left a Tim Schafer Psychonauts completely crazy but could be improved on sever... | 1,2

Games2C: Brutal Legend Review

2029d ago - Games2C: "Fans of good–looking, inventive games will be making devil horn hand signs at... | 2

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Game Hub: Brutal Legend Review

2029d ago - If you chose to ignore most of the side-missions of the main game there is only about six hours w... | 1,2

Digital Battle: Brutal Legend Review

2029d ago - Digital Battle writes: "Legendary game maker Tim Schafer, who's known for taking some wild c... | 1,2,12

Gameheros: Brutal Legend Review

2029d ago - Gameheros: "To say that Brutal Legend is anything short of a great game would be a cruelty t... | 2

VGarabia: Brutal Legend review: is it Tim Schafer's greatest?

2030d ago - Brutal Legend is an action adventure/strategy game from Tim Schafer, the man responsible for one... | 1,2

Neocrisis: Brutal Legend Review

2030d ago - Neocrisis: From the wildly creative mind of Tim Schafer, writer and director of popular cult titl... | 1,2

Brutal Legend

Average Score 8.3 Reviews(214)
Release Dates
PC Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
EU 16 October 2009
US 13 October 2009
AU 15 October 2009
Wii Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 13 October 2009
EU 16 October 2009
AU 15 October 2009