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Your game industry in your words: Week of July 6

1052d ago - Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from game industry figures from the past week, including Harve... | Industry

PS4, Xbox 720 will be 'service orientated', more accessible - THQ

1413d ago - THQ boss Brian Farrell might not be sure if there will be any more new consoles in the future, bu... | Xbox 360

The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

THQ Insists It's 'One of the Big' Publishers

1471d ago - When you take a look at the industry's top publishers, who do you think of first? Activision Bliz... | Industry

GTA Absence Should Help 'Pent-Up Demand' for Saints Row This Holiday

1475d ago - GTA has legions of fans who are eagerly anticipating the announcement of GTA V (perhaps even at t... | Industry

MCV Interview: Brian Farrell

1514d ago - Christopher Dring speaks to THQ's president and CEO. | Industry

THQ: We know gamers want pre-owned

1533d ago - “The most important thing is we have to participate in the value chain in used games,” THQ’s CEO... | Industry

THQ's Farrell: 'See The Movie, Play The Game' Experiences No Longer Sell

1574d ago - Although it was once best-known for its kids' film license tie-in games, THQ has big changes unde... | Industry

Analysis: Selling cheaper games for fun and profit

1618d ago - GamePro contributor Pete Davison covers the thorny issue of downloadable content supplanting "com... | PC

Gamasutra Interview: CEO Farrell On THQ's Path Through the Changing Game Landscape

1656d ago - Gamasutra's editor-at-large Chris Morris spoke in-depth to THQ CEO Brian Farrell, as the company... | Industry

Joystiq: THQ president talks up new $40 sales model, building a user base

1658d ago - THQ president Brian Farrell has some bold ideas about the future of the gaming industry's profita... | Industry

THQ's Farrell: 'Future Of Gaming' In Mass-Market Retail Prices, More DLC Sales

1658d ago - Beginning with the next MX vs. ATV title, THQ is hoping to explore an alternative business model... | Industry

THQ CEO: $60 Price Point is 'Keeping People Out' of Gaming

1658d ago - For the current generation of consoles, the $59.99 price point has become the new standard. With... | Industry

Kinect And Move Development Is Cheaper: Will Game Quality Decline?

1706d ago - Gary A Swaby of writes: This article is based on the words of THQ President Bria... | PS3

PS3, 360 will dominate for 4 more years - THQ

1708d ago - Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will both continue to dominate the software sales landscape for four m... | Xbox 360

In-Depth: THQ's Farrell Thinks Outside The Old Hardware Lifecycle

1708d ago - The old five-year hardware cycle is over, says THQ CEO Brian Farrell, suggesting a broader focus... | Industry
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