Dev of the Day : Harebrained Schemes
  Strategic Combat with Sci-fi and Magic Mixed gives you Shadowrun Re...

From FogKnight   RPGs are one of the biggest genres in the history of gaming. As text-based video games have role-playing elements implemented in...

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Ask Gamasutra: 84 Metacritic need not apply

724d ago - Over on Gamasutra's job boards, an ad recently popped up that has become a topic of debate over t... | Industry

Ask Gamasutra: Sony bought Gaikai, are discs going away?

745d ago - Gamasutra: If there's one news story that's on everyone's minds this week, it's Sony's imminent a... | PS3

Video games and Male Gaze - are we men or boys?

752d ago - Game Developer magazine EIC Brandon Sheffield makes the claim that the game industry at large sti... | PC
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