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User Review : Borderlands 2

  • Fun, comical art style
  • Tons of content
  • Awesome story and characters
  • Extremely minor glitches

First game for me this year to feel completely worth the retail price.

Well, I noticed there weren't any User Reviews written here yet, so I figured, what the hell. I finished the game two days ago as Zero, and am working on my second playthrough as Maya. Should anyone STILL be unsure of getting the game even after all the other reviews, maybe mine can convince you. Anyways, let's get to it.

First of all, the game feels just like the original Borderlands, albiet slightly better graphics and smoother controls. This is to be expected obviously; but here's the thing that partially disappointed me.. For the first few hours, the game feels a little TOO much like the first one. I didn't think there was enough change to warrent itself a complete sequal. Thankfully, the game does a GREAT job at proving itself otherwise a little further in. Basically, what I'm saying, just try not to judge it by the first couple hours. It gets much better (compared to the first game) and more unique.

The game also feels very complete. Throughout my entire 40+ hours of game time, I only ran into one glitch that caused me to restart the game. It was only because it required an NPC to walk to a certain area, and he got stuck. It wasn't at all a big deal. I didn't lose anything apart from a little time I had to wait for the game to load up again, and like I said, this only happend one time. So as far as game breaking glitches goes, I think your pretty damn safe.

There were a couple of other minor glitches (things that didn't actually affect me) like when I dropped a gun, it phased through a wall only to bounce back in the room a few moments later.Strange, but it's not like I lost the gun. There is also some annoying texture pop in (Not a glitch, but I'm not gunna write a full paragraph for that by itself). The texture pop in is only bothersome for a little while though. Thankfully with the way Borderlands art style works, you get used to it to the point where you barely even notice it.

Now onto the guns. This is what bothered me about the first Borderlands. There were sooooo many guns, but very little to visually differentiate them. A lot of the guns looked the same and for some people, that doesn't matter, but for me, I really appreciate it when developers take the time to make more variety in their graphics. Fortunately, Borderlands 2 fixed this issue. The guns look crazy, realistic, mashed up, and beautiful. There are so many more graphics for them that it truly feels like you are looking at a massive catalog of guns and it just makes you that much more excited to find new ones.

Anyways, let's look at the story. This is another area the original Borderlands suffered from. It had a solid story, but it was never all that engaging, and lack of any real threat or designated enemy gave little motivation to continue the main quests. Sure, there was Atlas with all their evil intentions, but they just never made much of an impact. Hyperion in Borderlands 2, however, makes a big enough impact to forgive this though. Let's talk about Handsome Jack. He's cruel, he's an a**hole/douchebag/d*ckhead, and he wants nothing more than to see YOU die a horrible, painful death... Yet you'll have such a hard time trying to dislike him. While he might be the evil villain, there's just so much to like about him. He's got a hilariously dark, twisted sense of humor, he loves being sarcastic, and he's just such a deep and well developed character that he will easily become one of your most favorite characters in the game. He alone, gives you all the motivation you'll ever need to have a blast through the main story missions.

Borderlands 2 is an incredible game with a TON of content (not even including the bazillion guns) and will guarantee you some of the most fun you will have had all year whether you play by yourself or with friends.

I know there is no such thing as a perfect game, but come on, if ratings had to be based on that, no game deserves a perfect score, and we all know that's a bunch of crap. So with that said, my personal score for Borderlands 2 is a 10/10. It may have a couple minor glitches here and there, and it is by no means THE perfect game, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a game more worth the money and time than this one, so if you haven't already picked it up, stop wasting time and get it, dammit!

(Also, I apologize for any spelling errors/grammatical errors; this was typed with limited time on my smartphone.)

Fun Factor
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Jurat2071d ago

Thanks for sharing.

I didn't spend much time with the original Borderlands, but the sequel has certainly enjoyed huge critical success.

Think I'll be picking this up shortly. I need a good co-op fix for my PS3, which has been neglected lately.

Hovis2068d ago

I know exactly how you feel.

I spent 15 hours on Border 1 and came away incredibly bored, never to play it again.

I'm already on 21 hours with 2, have tried out 2 of the classes and am finding it seriously difficult to spend my free time on anything else.

It's a very well made sequel, honestly.

Ak47Russia2071d ago

Its your opinion and i respect it, but imo i think after playing it for 5 hours straight, it gets really really repetitive and boring, story is good but not great.

I give it a

8.0 Graphics
8.0 Sound
7.5 Gameplay
7.5 Fun factor
8.5 Online

Overall a 7.5/10

MidnytRain2070d ago

What's the difference between Gameplay and Fun factor?

Krew_922070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

I would guess Gameplay is how good the controls are, and how well everything is put together in the game. Like if the jump controls are okay, or if the character moves sluggishly those kind of things.

For fun factor I would imagine it being how fun the game is, as in if the game rewards you enough when completing tasks, or if it's satisfying to kill enemies and what not. I measure this as if the game feels like a chore to complete, the fun factor is not there, but if you want to be doing the task, the fun factor IS there.

For this game though I would rate Fun Factor about a 9/10 since co-op makes it endless fun.

coolbeans2069d ago

It's really up to the reviewer to explain in the text or the comment section. To me, it comes off as the 'one-on-one' conversation the reviewer has with the viewers to say: "other qualities not listed resonated with me more than expected."

Since there's no dedicated list for story, storytelling, atmosphere, etc, they typically end up in that spot for me.

UnagiMaster2068d ago

You know, the game is GREAT. But a 10/10? I know it's your opinion blah blah blah. Overall i think VERY few games deserve a perfect score. I just didn't really see why you gave it a 10. I just wanted you to justify a little more why you think it's perfect.

Reverent2067d ago

Well, when you are reviewing a game, I feel that you reserve the right to give it any score you personally feel it's worth. To me, personally, the game is pretty much perfect. It's one of the most fun games I've played all year, and when it comes down to it, entertainment is all that really, truly matters in any form of media. I completely respect and understand your opinion and where you're coming from, but like I said, my rating is my own personal opinion of the game and is merely there to give others a simple idea of another gamer's impression of it.

Holeran2063d ago

This game is also one of the first games this year to be worth the $60 retail price tag for me as well. I loved Borderlands 1, but believe Borderlands 2 has surpassed it in almost every way. A lot of fun solo or co-op.