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Diablo Franchise's Future Won't Be As An MMO, Blizzard Promises

13d ago - Blizzard opened themselves up to the idea, and have now completely abandoned it in favor of four... | PC

Blizzcon Overwatch Panel: A Look At Blizzard’s New Teambased Shooter

13d ago - A brief recap of information from Blizzcon's Overwatch panel. | PC

Blizzard wants its diverse fans to feel 'equally represented' by Overwatch's heroes

14d ago - Polygon: Blizzard's new team-based multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, is set in a futuristic version... | PC

Blizzard's “Overwatch” Gameplay Analyzed, Fully Detailed

14d ago - GamersNexus: "Having spent some time observing all of Blizzard's emergent “Overwatch” footage, we... | PC

Wasted Compilation

Now - How people get wasted, not necessarily in GTA 5. | Promoted post

Blizzard should be in flames; instead it's having its best year ever

14d ago - By all normal metrics, this year's BlizzCon should have been a down year for Blizzard. | Industry

First Look: Overwatch, Blizzard’s first new IP in seventeen years

14d ago - Whispers around the internet led many of us to believe that a new franchise was going to be annou... | PC

BlizzCon 2014: Everything You Need To Know

19d ago - BlizzCon 2014 starts this Friday! Here is everything you should expect and some things that might... | PC

New Hearthstone expansion may be revealed at Blizzcon

22d ago - We have known for a long time that a new Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft expansion is coming soon... | PC

What do Metallica and the Hearthstone World Championship Have in Common?

25d ago - This year the annual celebration of all things Blizzard will see the first ever Hearthstone World... | PC

Hearthstone For Android Tablets In Late 2014, Mobiles in 2015

32d ago - Today on Blizzard’s Hearthstone Fireside Chat they revealed that they plan to release Hearthstone... | iPhone

Top 10 most disappointing gaming moments

32d ago - Continue Play's Oliver Zimmerman thinks back to all those disappointing moments in gaming's bumpy... | PC

Heroes of the Storm: A Sigh of Relief

32d ago - A fresh take on MOBA's courtesy of Blizzard's in-development contribution to the genre: Heroes of... | PC

Has Diablo III Moved Back Into the Good Graces of Gamers?

40d ago - Power Up Gaming's Johnny Quid discusses with influential YouTube gamer Rhykker about whether or n... | PC

Patch 2.1 Coming to PS4 Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls Today

45d ago - Great news for Diablo fans as the highly anticipated 2.1 patch is supposedly making its way to us... | PS4

Heroes Of The Storm Adds Two Characters, Begins Final Technical Alpha Phase

46d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Blizzard's entry into MOBA madness, Heroes of the Storm, had been offline for ove... | PC

This real-life Hearthstone card game from China shows why Blizzard chose digital

58d ago - A physical edition of the Hearthstone card game is available in China, but it’s got nothing to do... | Culture

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.1 Goes Live

58d ago - The latest Diablo 3 patch is now available for PC players in North America. For those playing on... | PC

Titan Falls – Why Developers Need To Think Smaller, Not Bigger

59d ago - With long-mooted MMO epic Titan having been mothballed, there are serious implications for the vi... | Culture

Why Titan Getting Cancelled Gives Me Hope for Games

59d ago - Mike Potts of The Zero Review tells us how awesome it is that after 7 years of development, Blizz... | PC

Analyst: Blizzard’s Cancellation Of Titan Could Spell Trouble

59d ago - As many gamers have probably learnt by now, Blizzard has sadly cancelled its next-gen MMO which w... | Industry

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Hearthstone hits 20 million players

68d ago - Hearthstone's player base has steadily grown to include over 20 million players, marking a huge m... | PC

Inactive World of Warcraft Characters To Have Their Names Released

68d ago - Blizzard announced today that World of Warcraft characters who have been inactive for some time w... | PC

World of Warcraft's 10th Year Anniversary Plans Announced

71d ago - It isn’t every day that an MMO reaches the 10 year milestone. Blizzard knows this and is going al... | PC

Chen Stormstout Coming to Heroes of the Storm This Week

74d ago - This week is the Chen Stormstout Hero week. That means the hero will come to Heroes of the Storm... | PC

Top 5 Franchises We Want to See Next-Gen Sequels Of

75d ago - As I was cleaning out my basement (no it is not fun, but you never know what kind of gems you’ll... | PC