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World of Warcraft Legion Gamescom Interview

14d ago - MMOGames had the opportunity to ask Tom Chilton and Ion Hazzikostas a few questions about World o... | PC

Interview: Blizzard's Michael Hardison on SIGGRAPH 2015, indie games, and the PC vs. console divide

15d ago - SIGGRAPH is an annual conference focusing on the latest in the worlds of computer graphics and in... | PC

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

The New Face of World of Warcraft PvP in Legion

16d ago - Blizzard discussed in more detail the PvP changes coming to World of Warcraft in Legion in the re... | PC

A Closer Look at Lúcio’s Abilities in Overwatch

20d ago - This seven minute gameplay trailer grants us a closer look at Lucio's abilities in Overwatch. | PC

5 Ways to Up Your Game in Heroes of the Storm

23d ago - This week on Listed, Steven is dolling out some advice for how to take your Heroes of the Storm s... | PC

Blizzard Hiring For A New Unannounced Diablo Game

23d ago - Blizzard Entertainment have decided it’s time to start hiring for a new project and not just any... | Industry

WoW Wednesday: The Post before the Day After

28d ago - WoW Wednesday columnist AlternativeChat covers why she feels Blizzard still have a few tricks up... | PC

World Of Warcraft's Next Expansion Needs These 6 Things

30d ago - If you haven’t heard yet, the next expansion will be unveiled at Gamescom 2015; an unprecedented... | PC

Hearthstone’s Biggest All-Female Tournament Makes a Mockery of the Game

42d ago - J Station X: A Chinese Hearthstone tournament, that only features female players, has come under... | PC

GamersFTW's Guide To This Week's Hearthstone Brawl: Heart of the Sunwell

42d ago - This week’s Hearhstone Brawl is Heart of the Sunwell. Originally released at the end of the Burni... | PC

How to get Hearthstone’s new rare card back without spending $500 on a Samsung Galaxy phone

42d ago - You don't need a Samsung Galaxy S6, or even a smartphone at all, to get this exclusive card back. | PC

Blizzard Are Suing a Studio Who Are Suing a Studio... Again

56d ago - In a rather familiar story, Blizzard Entertainment are suing a Chinese game studio who are also s... | PC

Blizzard Entertainment Forces to Pay Costs in Lawsuits Against Gold Sellers

107d ago - We’re not done with legal news for the day, folk. It seems that the big guys don’t always win as... | PC

Heroes of the Storm TV Commercial Unleashed

111d ago - Blizzplanet reports there are currently two Heroes of the Storm TV Commercials running national a... | PC

Buzz? E3 2015 Exhibitor List shows Blizzard Entertainment

111d ago - Blizzplanet reports sighting of Blizzard Entertainment among the E3 2015 exhibitors list. Bliz... | PC

Blizzard Games No Longer Accessible in Crimea

146d ago - In accordance to the recently enacted Executive Order 13685, Blizzard Entertainment—publisher of... | PC

Hearthstone's Blazing Blackrock Mountain Adventure Now Live

152d ago - Blizzard launches the first wing of Hearthstone's fiery Blackrock Mountain Adventure, with 31 new... | PC

The Problem With MMORPGs

162d ago - Harjit doesn't dislike all MMORPG's. But god, does he hate a few, and there's one prevalent reaso... | Culture

Blizzard Hosting Heroes of the Storm Tournament

174d ago - Blizzard is offering a prize of Free College Tuition to the top US (or Canada) HotS team. The top... | PC

Blizzard Announces New Overwatch Characters

180d ago - Today at PAX East Blizzard announced two new characters and a new map for their upcoming multipla... | PC

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

World of Warcraft’s new real money-for-gold effort brings more free-to-play to Blizzard’s cash cow

184d ago - GamesBeat: "Blizzard Entertainment is fighting back against gold sellers in World of Warcraft by... | PC

House Cup Hearthstone Tournament Returns in March

195d ago - The House Cup Hearthstone tournament will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on March 27th until March... | PC

Heroes of the Storm Beta Adds Founder’s Pack Access

225d ago - If you’ve been waiting for access to Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm,... | PC

Blizzard Clarifies WOW Veteran Edition Free-to-Play Rumors

229d ago - World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment has spoken out to dispel a recent rumor that t... | PC

Developer of the Year 2014

257d ago - Developing good video games in this era is tough. Games have to look good, have to play great, an... | PC
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