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Are Visual Novels Turning Mainstream?

577d ago - The 'visual novel' is a rather unknown videogame genre. Or is it? Professor Layton, Phoenix Wrigh... | Nintendo DS

The 5 the Most Convoluted Game Franchises

1092d ago - GameXplain: "When it comes to video games, most players are only interested in the gameplay. Is i... | PSP

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Blistered Fingers

1104d ago - Shola of - "When I was younger, I used to destroy my fingers attempting, in the mo... | Xbox 360

Eight really great games that will make you feel dirty

1222d ago - Credit to the Japanese developers, they know how to make the kind of game normal people wouldn’t... | Industry

The Five Most Surprisingly Difficult Trophies and Achievements

1321d ago - We've all heard the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but many gamers do just this. N... | Xbox 360

Five Fighting Game Genre Definers

1483d ago - Denkiphile writes: "For those of you who may not be familiar with the competitive world of fighti... | PS2

Blazblue Deciphered: Conflicting Canon

1554d ago - GameXplain Says: "Over the past two days, I have tried to give new players as well as veterans th... | Arcade

Top 5 Fighting Games of this Console Generation

1555d ago - A satirical look at the top 5 fighters of the current console generation. For all gamers, writte... | Wii

Blazblue Deciphered: Characters' Histories

1555d ago - GameXplain Says: "To those who have only glanced at the Blazblue series, it may look like any oth... | PSP

Blazblue Deciphered: History of the World

1556d ago - GameXplain Says: "The Blazblue series is not like most fighting games. Where Tekken, Street Fight... | PSP

9 Impressive gaming soundtracks from 2010

1678d ago - It’s one of the inevitable facts of life, every January you’re going to get legions of game hobby... | PSP

GameStooge Awards: Genre Categories

1691d ago - Part Two of the GameStooge Awards for the games of 2010 takes a look at the Genre Awards. The... | Nintendo DS

YouTube gaming guides to help you be the king of fighters

1734d ago - People often compare fighting games to chess, and rightfully so; with so many moves and strategie... | Culture

PS3 Attitude's Top 100 Developers - Part 1

1832d ago - Believe it or not, the PlayStation 3 was released nearly four years ago, and since then the conso... | PS3

Blazblue Deciphered: The Characters of Blazblue

1841d ago - GameXplain Writes: "And it is those more casual fighting fans that this feature is meant for. It'... | Xbox 360

Fighting The Curve: How Complicated Controls Hold Back the Fighting Genre

1843d ago - DualShockers writes, "Do you like fighting games? Does defeating your opponent in a strategic col... | Xbox 360

BlazBlue's Makoto DLC is worth the $8

1848d ago - From PS3 Atttiude: "Now don’t get me wrong, most of the DLC for the game is indeed garbage and ov... | Xbox 360

"My Country is Better Than Yours": Region Specific Limited Editions

1849d ago - DualShockers writes, "Lots of times as Americans, we get different variations of the games that w... | Industry

DLC Intended To Screw You: $8 For A Character, Seriously!?

1850d ago - Ironstar: Downloadable content is utilized by Game Developers/Publishers for a variety of reasons... | Xbox 360

Current State of the Fighter/Fighting Genre

1852d ago - AJ Lysiak: "Last year, (2009) was referred to by many as the year of the fighting game. The ridic... | Nintendo DS

Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post

MEGamers: Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of July 2010

1866d ago - "Every month we have a ton of games coming out with a lot of hype surrounding them. While most of... | PC

5 Fighting Games to Look forward to for the Enthusiast- Thoughts From The Dojo # 16

1872d ago - Gary of wrote "To think I thought as a fan of the fighting game genre that last... | Arcade

Top 10 games to buy in July

1885d ago - EX: "June was a pretty sparse month for gamers. That's not to say there weren't any good games re... | Nintendo DS

Fanboy Friday: Noel Vermillion

1903d ago - Its Fanboy Friday at GameShard again, and this weeks object of affection is BlazBlue's blonde her... | PC

Gaming Union: 2010 Multiplayer Guide Part One

1908d ago - Gaming Union writes, "Epic battles, dynamic choice-based events, in-depth character customization... | Xbox 360
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