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5 Reasons It’s Still Worth Buying Video Game Consoles At Launch

162d ago - Here’s five reasons you don’t necessarily need to feel bad about wanting to buy an Xbox One or PS... | PS4

Why You Should Play: Blast Corps | RyattaReviews

270d ago - With the revival of Killer instinct for XB1 we take a look at another classic Rare title and ask... | Retro

Nintendo Life: Blast Corps Review

282d ago - Nintendo Life: Long before the mainstream commercialisation of video games that exists today, dev... | Retro

Will Killer Instinct, Blast Corps, Jet Force Jemini, RC Pro Am or Perfect Dark return on Xbox One

331d ago - Brash Games writes "With RARE working on a host of new titles and well known franchises will we s... | Xbox One

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Revealed: The Shocking Accuracy of Blast Corps' Astronomy

342d ago - GameXplain: "In this Cool Bits, we check out some surprisingly accurate astronomy related details... | Retro

Review- Blast Corps (N64)

375d ago - begins a quest to review every North American Nintendo 64 release with a review... | Retro

The Best Nintendo 64 "Quick Fix" Games

455d ago - Do you struggle to find the time to just sit back and enjoy a good old game or two every now and... | Retro

6 N64 Games That Deserve A Modern Sequel

1016d ago - With all the junk games coming out, it's a downright travesty that these titles haven't had recen... | Dev

10 Games to Play Before the World Ends on Saturday

1064d ago - From the feature list: "Regardless of whether or not you believe in a magica... | PS2

Top 10 N64 remakes that we want to see on 3DS

1100d ago - "So the 3DS then. It’s been pretty fantastic, as you no doubt know by now. Since Nintendo have an... | Mobile

History 101: Destructible Environments in Videogames

1719d ago - Since gaming started to take off in the '80s, through the transition from 2D to 3D in the mid-'90... | 1,2,8,9,10,12

Rare denies Blast Corps 2 and Jet Force Gemini 2 yet again

1794d ago - MundoRare writes: "With E3 fast approaching, and the last edition of Scribes being somewhere... | 2,7,15
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