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The top 10 Games you should play/buy right now on your PS4

300d ago - The top 10 Games you should play/buy right now on your PS4 | PS4

Top 5 Free to Play Steam Games: Our Recommendations

314d ago - SteamFirst: Steam is a community which has been welcoming crossover console gamers for some time... | PC

First Impressions: Shining a Spotlight on Free PS4 Shooter Blacklight: Retribution

352d ago - Push Square: "Blacklight: Retribution has never been subtle about its similarities to Call of Dut... | PS4

The PS4: One week later

366d ago - One week in, the Gamer Horizon crew weigh in on the first week impressions of Sony’s brand new PS4. | PS4

Blood & Blade Giveaway

Now - Join us in celebrating the release of Blood & Blade with a key giveaway for in game gems. | Promoted post

Blacklight: Retribution PS4 Hands-On Impressions | RGN

367d ago - Jon of RealGamerNewz writes, "Zombie Studios may still make this into a decent piece of shooter.... | PS4

Blacklight: Retribution Has Become My Most-Played PS4 Launch Title

369d ago - Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play first-person shooter, launched side-by-side with the Play... | PS4

Sony’s embargo conundrum: Did rushed reviewers lead to lower scores?

374d ago - It’s great to have a PlayStation 4, complete with working firmware, right here in my office. Ther... | PS4

PlayStation 4 On The Cheap: The Free Games At Launch

376d ago - GI: Gaming is an expensive hobby, and if you want to hold off on purchasing too many retail games... | PS4

PlayStation Store Preview – November 12, 2013: PS4 Launch Line-Up

377d ago - "In addition to our jam-packed launch week of PS4 coverage featuring FAQs, reviews, and more, we’... | PS3

Blacklight Retribution on the PS4

380d ago - Black Light Retribution is a free to play first person shooter soon to be available on the PlaySt... | PC

You don’t NEED to buy a game on PS4 to play games at launch

384d ago - "The PlayStation 4 is the first console to launch where early adopters don’t need to buy a single... | PS4

Next-Gen Transition Will be Just as Slow and Painful for PS4 and Xbox as Wii U

604d ago - GenGAME writes: "Most of the content problems Wii U has faced so far are likely to be faced by PS... | PS4

Five free to play games you should be playing

610d ago - The free to play genre seems primed to explode at any moment as developers are finally beginning... | Culture

Blacklight Retribution's Art Direction Stuns

620d ago - Pixel or Death's Jarrett P. gushes over Blacklight Retribution's stellar art direction. | PC

Top 5 Free PC Games (non-MMORPG) to Play in 2013

648d ago - David Jagneaux of TheKoalition writes: When you think of free games to play on PC it’s easy to t... | PC

Is Blacklight: Retribution Worth Playing in 2013?

654d ago - Is one of 2012′s top free MMOFPS’s, Blacklight: Retribution, still worth playing in the new year?... | PC

Blacklight Retribution: Underrated Siege Mode

798d ago - In my opinion siege is the most underrated mode in BLR and I’m not sure why seeing as how it enco... | PC

Multiplayer Games You Might Have Missed, Week 1 – Blacklight: Retribution

835d ago - MP1st - Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play game on Steam developed by Zombie Studios, is one... | PC

Three Keys to a Successful Free to Play Store

836d ago - The Controller Online writes: "The rise of Free to Play (F2P) games has allowed individuals like... | PC

Top Shooter MMO Games

849d ago - First person shooter games have always had a special place in gamers hearts. It’s no wonder that... | PC

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Is Free-to-Play ‘Fun’-to-Play?

852d ago - Antony writes on Unigamesity: "I recently downloaded a free-to-play title on Steam by the name of... | PC

Top 5 Free-to-Play LAN Party Games

870d ago - Free-to-play is the way to go for LAN party games. Everyone downloads, everyone updates, no-one p... | PC

Gaming on a Budget #2 – July 6th 2012

870d ago - Ken Konarzewski writes: "Welcome to the weekly series of Gaming on a Budget. While video game... | PC

Steam And The F2P Shooter: Now Is The Time

871d ago - "I’ll admit it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the wonder that is Steam; the handy gaming... | PC

Blacklight: Retribution and Pay to Win

873d ago - Gamers Hideout news editor Alex Prue details the micro transaction system found in Blacklight Ret... | PC
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Blacklight Retribution

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