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Black Knight Sword Reviews  

Black Knight Sword (PS3) Review | Gaming Illustrated

1137d ago - Gaming Illustrated writes: "With 2012 almost at an end and all the big name titles released we... | PS3

Black Knight Sword Review (Invision Game Community)

1138d ago - Black Knight Sword, a platformer released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on December the 11th | Xbox 360

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Black Knight Sword | Click

1141d ago - Click writes: "We’ve worn our love for Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacture on our sleeves for qu... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword | The Tyuno Project

1142d ago - The Tyuno Project: "Grasshopper Manufacturing is known for creating some strange looking yet amaz... | Xbox 360

In-depth Review: Black Knight Sword - Electronic Theatre

1143d ago - The latest title from Grasshopper Manufacture has received very little attention in the run up to... | PC

Black Knight Sword Review - GamingShogun

1143d ago - writes, "Black Knight Sword is an M-rated, 2D side-scrolling platformer that con... | PS3

Black Knight Sword Review | Gamer Limit

1143d ago - Gamer Limti: "One minute you’re slaying minions and dodging projectiles. The next minute, you’re... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword Review | GamersTemple

1144d ago - GamersTemple writes: "Black Knight Sword is a side-scrolling platformer co-developed by Grassh... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword Review | CapsuleComputers

1144d ago - CapsuleComputers write: "When a new Suda 51 title hits the market, a trip to the bizarre is a... | Xbox 360

Review: Black Knight Sword is one of the prettiest games of the year | GameZone

1144d ago - GameZone writes: "After achieving plenty of success with the stellar Sine Mora, it only makes... | Xbox 360

Crash test: Games in Review |

1144d ago - ECCENTRIC and peculiar design in Black Knight Sword, a preview of Aliens: Colonial M... | PC

Black Knight Sword Review [Capsule Computers]

1144d ago - Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "When a new Suda 51 title hits the market, a trip t... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword Review (GamingBolt)

1145d ago - "Black Knight Sword is developed jointly by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality and is pr... | PS3

GotGame: Review | Black Knight Sword

1145d ago - GotGame: Here’s what you can expect from Suda51′s newest game, Black Knight Sword: insane amounts... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword Review |

1145d ago - GAMINGtruth's own Mark Gibson delivers the verdict on Suda 51's interesting and bizarre take on t... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword | Explosion

1146d ago - "“It’s the new game by Goichi Suda”. That’s all that many consumers need to hear. Suda 51, the... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword: Suda 51 sets the stage for action | SnackBarGames Review

1147d ago - SnackBarGames write: "A great aesthetic can go a long way. Black Knight Sword is the latest... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword Review | GamingTrend

1147d ago - GamingTrend writes: "Suda 51, and to a larger extent, Grasshopper Manufacture, are responsible... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword - VideoGamesUncovered Review

1148d ago - Suda 51's latest title, Black Knight Sword, is out now and available for download on PSN and XBLA... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword Review (

1148d ago - It's delightfully weird, but a wee bit short and repetitive. | Xbox 360

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Black Knight Sword Review | Game Podunk

1149d ago - GP writer Marcus Estrada reviews Black Knight Sword on XBLA. | Xbox 360

Gamespot-Black Knight Sword Review

1149d ago - GS:There's no shame in taking the easy way out, especially when playing a gruesome platformer lik... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword Review | The Escapist

1150d ago - The Escapist: "Black Knight Sword isn't particularly good at anything it sets out to do. Moments... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword Review | Xbox Addict

1150d ago - Xbox Addict: "The 'fun' is probably the one signature Suda 51 element that is lacking here the mo... | Xbox 360

PSUni- Black Knight Sword Review: Quirky is the New Black

1150d ago - PSUni: Some things are to be taken as metaphor. For instance when Shakespeare penned that all the... | Xbox 360

Black Knight Sword

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