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What A Fallout: Black Isle Revival Goes Apocalyptic

728d ago - You may or may not be aware of the defunct studio called Black Isle Studios. Well, it was defunct... | PC

Game Buzz | Episode 13 - Surviving the Apocalypse [Dealspwn]

728d ago - Dealswpn writes: Just when we thought we were in for a quiet run up to Christmas, the zombie apoc... | Xbox 360

Planescape: Torment sequel finally in the works

747d ago - Fans have been waiting nearly 13 years for an official sequel to Black Isle Studios' Planescape:... | PC

Obsidian Interview on Project Eternity "Why it Will Change RPG's Forever"

768d ago - Project Eternity has been funded and the everything is right with the world. In case you haven’t... | PC

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Videogame Virgin: A Baldur’s Gate virgin, or that time I realized how spoiled I am

907d ago - (Editor’s note: In this bi-weekly feature, Pixelitis staffer Matt Brown shares his “down the rabb... | PC

Looking Back at Closed Game Publishers From the 1990s

986d ago - Video game publishers come and go. Sometimes if gamers are lucky, the closing studios' franchises... | PC

Brian Fargo Talks Wasteland 2 and "Abysmal" Treatment of Developers by Publishers

998d ago - Kickstarter has been the source of much energy and excitement for the video game industry over th... | PC

Fallout 2: Exploring a Wasteland

1065d ago - Iovan continues on with his retro article series, the Reset Button, this time the classic post-ap... | Retro

Great Game Companies Gone Extinct

1225d ago - Jeremiah Hisel | Goozernation With the recent news of Team Bondi's demise, selling off assets,... | Industry

What's in a Name: Black Isle Studios

1395d ago - Feargus Urquhart is now known as the co-founder of Obsidian Entertainment, but before that he hel... | Industry
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